HOLY CRAP! Could The Wire’s Wendell Pierce be any more WRONG about these entitlements?

Plenty of celebrities are registering their outrage over the GOP’s tax reform plan. And we might be willing to take them a little more seriously if they could actually convince us that they had even the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

Take “The Wire” star Wendell Pierce, for instance:

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Celebrities in new video ‘affirm Black-Palestinian solidarity’

A year ago last fall, Louis Farrakhan called out President Obama for his request that Black Lives Matter activists in Ferguson, Mo., remain peaceful. “What brought you out to tell Black youth to be peaceful? Why the hell don’t you go to the wicked police department?” asked Farrakhan on Twitter.

A year later, the president’s old spiritual leader, Jeremiah Wright, took the microphone at Farrakhan’s #JusticeOrElse rally in D.C. and confounded quite a few with his declaration that “Jesus was a Palestinian.” Hewas speaking metaphorically, insisting that “the youth in Ferguson and the youth in Palestine have united together to remind us that the dots need to be connected.”

That union isn’t a metaphor: a group calledBlack-Palestinian Solidarity has launched a website that explains its mission:

We choose to join one another in resistance not because our struggles are the same but because we each struggle against the formidable forces of structural racism and the carceral and lethal technologies deployed to maintain them. This video intends to interrupt that process to assert our humanity and to stand together in an affirmation of life and a commitment to resistance.

The group alsoreleased a video featuring activists, artists and some familiar faces, includingLauryn Hill, Danny Glover, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Cornel West, Boots Riley and many others. (Riley is leader of rap group The Coup, whichachieved brief notoriety for itsalbum cover featuring Riley holding a prop “detonator” in front of an exploding World Trade Center tower.)

The video also featuresRasmea Odeh, who was convicted of two terrorist bombings in Jerusalem, including a fatal one, andimmigration fraud. Odeh is the subject of the Huffington Post piece“Why Black Activists Should Stand With Rasmea Odeh,” written by Marc Lamont Hill, who responded to Christopher Hayes’ request.

* * *

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Strange And Dangerous Neighborhoods Exist Around The World. Here Are The Weirdest.

Mr. Rogers claimed that he wanted to be everyone’s neighbor. But even he would think twice about these neighbors. Questionable hygiene, cramped quarters, and eerie inhabitants make these neighborhood undesirable destinations. Paying your neighborhood dues won’t seem so bad after seeing a few of these places. (I suddenly appreciate my homeowner’s association.)

…Though that underground city does seem pretty sweet.

1.) Kowloon Wall, Hong Kong

Before it was demolished in 1994, this home to 33,000 residents was the most densely populated area of Hong Kong and existed without any police or protective service. The only thing close to being governed was the control of the Triad gang. On top of the prolific criminal activity, the buildings themselves were not structurally sound and were prone to catching on fire.

2.) Gibsonton, Florida

This town just south of Tampa was formed by traveling “freak show” performers on their off-seasons. While most of those shows have fallen on the wayside of traveling entertainment, many descendants of folks like the Bearded Lady, Fire Eater, and other sideshow attractions still live in the town. You can even still find some remnants of amusement park rides and an exotic animal or two.

3.) Manshiyat Naser, Cairo

The 60,000 residents of this Cairo neighborhood are surrounded by literal trash at all times. They are known as “garbage collectors” who go from door to door throughout the rest of the city requesting their waste, take it home, and sort through it. Most of the items end up recycled, but they live amongst the filth in the meantime.

4.) Roswell, New Mexico

The town became a mecca for conspiracy theorists who believed the government was hiding alien lifeforms on the nearby Area 51 military base. Over the years since the supposed UFO spotting, UFO festivals, museums, and other sci-fi seeking tourist attractions popped up around town.

5.) Miyakejima, Japan

The island is home to Mount Oyama, a mountain volcano that erupted several times over the years and killed 11 people in 1940. Residents were evacuated in 2000 when 17,500 earthquakes occurred in only a month’s time. There was an eruption in 2005 and sulphuric gas continues to flow ever since. However, there are still 2,800 residents on the island who are forced to wear gas masks 24/7.

6.) The Villages, Florida

This retirement area in Florida is the premiere party spot for the over 55 crowd. Golf carts are the only vehicles allowed to be driven within the gated community, and children can visit…but not for very long. Residents seem a little too interested in hooking up than hanging out with their families, anyway. Black market Viagra and STD scares run rampant, and it has the highest level of beer consumption per capita in the entire state.

7.) Amsterdam Red Light District, Netherlands

There are several “red light” districts around the world, but Amsterdam is definitely the most infamous. The seedy section of the city offers sex shows, sex shops, and prostitutes. There are also non-sex workers who live their ordinary lives surrounded by all the scandalous activity without blinking an eye.

8.) Coober Pedy, Australia

Residents of this mining town decided to beat the heat by staying underground. Currently, over 1,900 live in the community which includes several churches and a museum. There’s also a bed and breakfast for those looking to experience the underground life for a bit themselves.

9.) Miracle Village, Florida

The residents of this village are made up entirely of convicted sex offenders. Yep, that’s right. Due to laws that restrict the offenders from living near schools and other institutions, this controversial community was created to give them somewhere to rehabilitate.

10.) Slab City, California

Three hours outside of Los Angeles (near the Mexican border) this state-owned area of the desert is promoted as a haven for RV travelers. There is no electricity or running water, which leads to some waste removal issues. The residents are artistically minded and adhere very strictly to the “Golden Rule.”

(via Reddit)

And I thought my neighbors were weird. They’ve got nothing on these places.

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Snoop would “love to show” his kids, peewee football team how to smoke weed


‘It’s not that I would ever push weed on our kids,but if they wanted to, I would love to show them how, the right way’ – @snoopdogg

— Ol` Mucky Terrahawk (@Eddiiii) January 3, 2013

This is crazy to me snoop dogg smoking weed with his kids. Whoa parent of the year. Pass it dad lol

— Mac Okeke(@mac_maine82) December 29, 2012


Lighters Up. @drewmagary spends a day with @snooplion: gqm.ag/S6O2nP @snoopdogg

— GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) January 3, 2013

The latest edition of GQ Magazine includes a haze-covered interview with marijuana-promoting gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion/whatever, who wins the Hollyweird Dad of the Year award hands-down. And yes, we know the year just started.

As regular followers of Snoop’s Twitter feed know, he spends as much time peddling his drug habits online as he does everywhere else:

Lighters Up! Get high with me youtu.be/pqevv-4DAJw

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) December 29, 2012

Who smokn ?

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) December 29, 2012

The vocal Obama supporter, father of three children (ages 12-18) and TV-famous peewee football coach (the team is made up of 8- and 9-year-old children) goes even further in his GQ interview by advocating marijuana instruction for his children and the young athletes under his care:

So in Snoop’s Narnia, it’s perfectly normal to smoke weed everywhere, all the time, at any hour of the day. In Snoop’s Narnia, it’s perfectly acceptable to look forward to teaching your kids how to pick seeds out of your stash or how to roll a blunt. “It’s not that I would ever push weed on our kids,” says Snoop, who has three children, ranging in age from 12 to 18, “but if they wanted to, I would love to show them how, the right way, so that way they won’t get nothing put in their shit or overdose or trying some shit that ain’t clean.”

It doesn’t even seem so crazy—or at least not as crazy as it should seem—when Snoop tells me he’s thinking of reading a book called It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story of Marijuana, to the 8- and 9-year-olds on the peewee football team he coaches. “Believe it or not,” he says, “they need to know.” (The book is about a little girl whose parents teach her about the awesomeness of weed…)

@allhiphopcom lmao, Snoop Dogg done lost his mind that last trip 2 Jamaica must’a did sum justice! LOL

— Mr_Donny (@908donnysworld) January 3, 2013

and father of the year goes to…. not him – Snoop Dogg: “I Would Love” to Show My Kids How to Smoke Weed usm.ag/Ur0FqT via @usweekly

— メοメο (@Loyal_Belieber) January 3, 2013

At least we don’t have to guess what health advice Snoop’s giving to kids:

#20SongsThatILike Smoke Weed Every Day – Snoop Dog (Dog?Lion?) youtube.com/watch?v=Klujiz…

— Pequeño Decimal  ‏(@evaruizp) January 3, 2013

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Ouch! Jenna Jameson knows how sick Kathy Griffin can REALLY ‘shock people’

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David Draiman is pissed off about ‘ABHORRENT’ Holocaust denial assignment


Will other members of the entertainment industry join Disturbed and Device vocalist David Draiman in calling this “abhorrent”?

The Rialto Unified School District in California created an eighth-grade “Argumentative Research” assignment that instructed students to explain “whether or not you believe [the Holocaust] was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.” Students were asked to read several “credible articles,” including one that insisted, “If nothing else, this unbelievable coverup demonstrates the irrepressible Zionist influence and control of our country.”

Sounds like a “credible article,” right?

The district has announced plans to revise the disturbing assignment that was reportedly crafted “to meet Common Core standards relating to critical learning skills.”

Draiman’s take:


A school district spokesperson described the assignment as an “error. ” The  Times of Israel reports that Rialto police are investigating threats against district administrators.


Here’s part of the 18-page assignment:



‘Go to hell’: Vocalist David Draiman of Disturbed destroys ‘ultra-liberal’ Rolling Stone in epic rant

David Draiman eviscerates Roger Waters’ response to anti-Semitism accusations

Full Twitchy coverage of David Draiman

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They Were Waiting For Takeoff When This Group Of Men Did The Coolest Thing

Delayed flights are the worst, unless a little in-flight entertainment comes along. Sadly, that’s a rarity.

Being trapped on a plane can be such a drag. You’re stuck in a cramped space, you’re probably next to an unhappy baby, and the impatience factor rises by the second. Things are considerably less awful, however, when people on board start getting creative. The talented gents in this video decided to use their skills to make everyone’s experience so much better!

I feel like flying would be exponentially less awful if this became a regular thing, don’t you? It’s always nice when people go out of their way to help others out in less-than-pleasant situations.

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Stern tries to slam Romney on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ is schooled instead


During last night’s episode of “America’s Got Talent,” judge Howard Stern offered some advice to a ventriloquist act. He told the wannabe-talent to jazz up his act with some funnies.

Howard Stern tells "America's Got Talent" guy to step up his dog act: "I mean Mitt Romney tied the dog to the roof of his car." #seamus

— jennifer bendery (@jbendery) July 3, 2012

Hardy har har! Yuk, yuk, yuk! Wow, so hilarious, Howard.

Howard Stern bashing Mitt Romney out of nowhere on live TV >>>>>>

— Matt (@MattTB12) July 3, 2012

Not out of nowhere, really. Evidently, it was to endear himself to super smart people like the following.

Howard Stern just dissed Mitt Romney on Americas Got Talent. Love, love, love it!!!

— Deb Vermaas (@debv219) July 3, 2012

It will be a travesty if @HowardStern walks back the Mitt Romney diss.

— The Book Viking (@thebookviking) July 3, 2012

Except, besides not being funny at all, it wasn’t much of a diss. These Twitter users make that clear and school Mr. Stern.

Dear Howard Stern, Mitt Romney may have tied a dog to the roof of his car, but Obama ate a dog. #AGT

— Zach Hamm (@sHAMM_wow9) July 3, 2012

Don't bring politics into this @howardstern Mitt Romney tied his diahrea dog to his car, but Obama ate dog growing up #dogshateboth #AGT

— Isaiah McGee (@isaiahmcgee) July 3, 2012

Umm, @HowardStern, Mitt Romney may have put his dog on the roof of his car, and it lived, but Obama actually ATE a dog. It didn't. #agt

— David Molinarolo (@RAZRMAXX) July 3, 2012

AGT: Howard Stern just told the Dog Ventriloquist guy to go after Romney for laughs. Hey, Obama ate the dog, fool! #tcot

— Martha (@marthad1) July 3, 2012


Watching AmericasGot Talent. Howard stern cracked about Romney strapping dog to roof. Didn't Obama eat a Poodle Panini.

— Darin Lee (@DReaganite) July 3, 2012

Obama was 6, Mitt adult RT @sHAMM_wow9 Dear Howard Stern, Mitt Romney may have tied a dog to the roof of his car, but Obama ate a dog. #AGT

— Tom N (@tomntmj) July 3, 2012

Dude. Obama ate a dog. Then bragged about it in a book, allegedly written as an adult.

Perhaps Mr. Stern should heed his own advice about learning how to be funny. He can start by reading the best of #ObamaDogRecipes.

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