Season 4: So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Results Recap

Hopefully, you watched last night’s elimination round of “So You Think You Can Dance”.  The show was awe inspiring, well, for the most part. The all member dance was great as usual, well choreographed and right on target with the audience.

For the men only piece, one of the judges choreographed a prize-winning set that was sheer entertainment.  How these five men can dance a complicated dance performance like this as well as they did, while rehearsing their solos and competition dances is beyond comprehension.  Nigel Lythgoe outdid himself choreographing this movement, although he admitted he did have some help.

The women’s only dance was boring and slow.  Tired makeup made the girls look drawn and unappealing, and the dance was difficult to grasp, conveying little meaning or value.

Now let’s talk about the prior night and the results of the voting…

OK, so the women are all fantastic.  Comfort is possibly the best female hip hop dancer ever on the show, but has no depth and less beauty.  She seems too masculine to garner a male vote, so she is likely the next to go.  But she survived this week luckily drawing hip hop and getting to perform a masterful piece in her own style.  That was the final blow to Kherington, who could not muster enough talent this week after dazzling the audience for the prior three.  One bad week is all it takes when the talent is this good.

The guys? Well, it was obvious this week.  Gev was not up to the task and Mark was out of his league.  Chelsie made Gev almost look silly at times as he reached for her to help him.  And his imitation of Benji, a major personality champion and winner of season two, was pale at best, even though it did remind us of what an incredible star Benji is.  Mark seemed out of character and clumsy.  This was especially evident in his jazz number.  He blew his solo and was very lucky not to have been sent packing (which is really a silly statement at this point because everyone is going on tour).  Mark lucked out on his amazing off-beat looks.  Gev had a great solo and made up for his poor partnering, but wasn’t pretty enough to draw votes and took up the rear, so he won’t be competing next week.

So, next week for the ladies?  Hmmm.  Let’s think.  Here are our comments on each.

Courtney – Courtney is hot.  A spark.  She wins best legs on the show and surprises with each dance how superb she really is.  She has a kind of nauseating smile though and is not as versed or as well trained as some.  She is the dark horse beauty, but she is not our odds-on favorite to win.

Comfort – Comfort is masculine.  Her dance style results in her being butch in character.  Sad as it sounds, this is a dance competition where men and women dance together.  And part of the chemistry is believing that they love each other while they perform many styles of dance as a couple.  Comfort is not believable when she tries to be feminine.  And this will be her downfall.

Chelsie – Chelsie is the cheerleader of the group.  One can picture her on the high school cheerleader squad at the front of every cheer.  She is absolutely stunning.  Her legs are fast, and that is critical in many dance routines.  And she is a major take-charge woman, which was critical to her in the competition when her partner Gev was not up to the task.  She is one of our two favorites on the women’s side to take this.  But she may not win because of…

Katee – Katee is not as beautiful as Courtney or Chelsea.  You can see her discomfort with her looks at times, especially her smile.  So, when she stands next to the other girls and is not performing, she seems to fade into the background.  But when she dances, she is the star.  Every move is perfect, every step a joy.  Her winning talent is the exquisite positioning of every part of her body.  Her feet and hands are always perfectly positioned, so that every part of her is a sheer delight to watch.  She is, hands down, the leader of the women right now.  But one goof, and Chelsie is so close it could turn either way.

OK, so next week for the guys.  The guys are easy to call except for one.  The surprise star of the group.

Mark – Mark is an off-beat style dancer that barely missed elimination this week.  He is the best actor in the group and could easily be a Broadway star.  But his solos, while unique, are not strong enough to keep him in this competition to the end.  An early elimination may be merciful.  But he has a dark horse feature.  His acting personna makes him a fantastic partner, so if he raises his game, he just may send one or two more of his competition packing.

Twitch – Twitch is the personality of the group.  Funny, entertaining, lovable. His is powerful, his moves are stunning and his quality shines through.  He was rejected last season.  They were wrong!!  He is an amazing talent.  But he lacks the diversity required to win.  He just cannot perform the diverse range of dances required, and is lost when asked to perform a Waltz or Quick Step.  Brilliant as he is, it is down to Mark or Twitch as the next to go.

Will – Wow!!  Will is one of the best dancers ever on this stage.  His diverse talent makes him stunning to watch.  He is so good in fact, that for the first time he can dance half naked and the judges still praise him without negative criticism, because let’s face it, this guy is majorly buff and strong…a piece of masculine art.  And his humble personality makes him a favorite.  Will also has the looks.  He could be an actor on television, a central Broadway star, or the doctor you love on a soap opera.  He is that handsome.  But he has one problem….

Joshua – This man is the one of the top male talents on this show in all its years.  It is not because he is the most diverse or well trained.  It is because of pure natural ability.  Joshua’s background does involve dance training, but it is obvious he is not up to Will’s level.  His solo focus is more of a HipHop style, and while awesome, shows he is not as diverse as Will.  And his smile, full of metal (braces), and his looks, just aren’t at the leading man level like Will or Mark.  He is, however, the strongest man in this group physically, and, it seems, mentally.  Like Katee, his original partner, he is stunning on the dance floor, and is our favorite of the men to take it all on raw talent.  But Will is so very close, this bears watching.

There you have our choices so far.

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