So You Think You Can Dance RoundUp

Created by Nigel Lythgoe

Developed by Simon Fuller

Directed by Don Weiner

Presented by Cat Deeley (2006 – present)

Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy

Running time Varies

Original channel Fox

Original run
July 20, 2005 – Present

O ur number one show, without equal is “So You Think You Can Dance”. While a powerful new voice on “American Idol”, an amazing circus act on “America’s Got Talent” or a great laugh at a wonderful new comic on “Last Comic Standing” are all wonderful to experience, the true talent of the individuals on this show make them seem super human. It is the only show in the group where it is clear, while these contestants may be able to sing or win “America’s Got Talent”, no person on the other shows could do what these people do.

Like American Idol, there are auditions in which the talented people perform to get a chance at the big time along with a bunch of mediocre and downright spastic talent. One contestant landing on his head trying to do a flip he should never have attempted or another seemingly mentally challenged individual that calls himself “Love” that they allow to keep coming back for the laughs and ridicule.

When it comes down to the chosen few though, the moves and steps in the dances they must learn in a few hours are phenomenal even for professionals. And many of the contestants often have to dance well out of their element. A hip hop dancer performing a Waltz or a ball room dancer dancing Jazz. Of course, there are some that are trained in all forms of dance, but some, like this year’s Twitch or Joshua shock as they seem to easily adapt to whatever dance form is thrown at them.

This show is our favorite because it involves the broadest talent, the most beautiful art and the most sensational choreography of any show on our list.

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