Season 6, Episode 10: Last Call for Last Comic Standing | Review and Prediction

This year, this contest is inherently unfair. We do not like the sudden jump to the five finalists because a single performance can get you the prize. You could be mediocre for several weeks and survive, and then have your piece de resistance performance and win in the final. Or you could be fantastic week after week, and then have one slightly off day and lose in the final.  (PLEASE VOTE IN OUR POLLS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE!!)

Well, THIS WAS THE FINAL!! The next show is purely for entertainment purposes, and it will likely be mostly filler to keep you in suspense until they announce who won at the end…but that filler is often killer, with many of the best comics ever on the show, so don’t miss it, because you will likely see the (sorry for the cliché) cream of the crop.

Now for this week’s show…

First, they let all eight comics perform, and then, after each performance, told them if they were eliminated last week or not. Very confusing. You could have loved a comic this week, just to find out he or she was already eliminated last week?

The comics that we felt were at risk of elimination  this week were Jeff Dye, Iliza, Adam Hunter and Ron G. Jeff Dye was absolutely horrible last week. Iliza was well off the mark. And Adam and Ron G were OK, but not in the top group of comics.

Our prize picks were Louis Ramey, Jim Tavare and Sean Cullen.

Let’s start our review of the performances.


Marcus had immunity, so we knew he could not be eliminated. He had such a huge advantage with the pressure off last week, and had the time to write a killer set. His advantage was somewhat negated by having to go first, but we have really liked prior sets he has done, so we figured this one would be his best material. With the winner’s trophy on the line, Marcus blew it. He was OK. He did do a good Pearl Jam impersonation. We will give him a 7 out of 10.

Ron G

Ron G followed, and I would love to follow him if I were a comic. He was horrible. He starts off with a cliché opening (“Make Some Noise”, blah blah blah). He did a moronic impersonation of a tough guy with a retainer. Honestly, did he think this was funny? We kept watching hoping it would get better. It didn’t. None of it was funny, and at the end, we got our wish. Ron G, one of our “at risk” performers was already eliminated last week. Phew. This performance, therefore, does not require a rating.

Jim Tavare

They did a nice set on Jim’s family. He lives in London on the River Temmes with his wife and children and has performed in front of the Queen. He has performed in front of BUSH too.  No, not the President…

As usual, he brought in his bass violin. He started off with “My God, It’s The Hills Have Eyes The Musical”, and already had us laughing after Ron G. bombed. Jim had a great set on par with last week. He is nothing if not consistent. He got a standing O, leaving no doubt he is in this competition to win. He was NOT eliminated last week, and is in the running for number 1. We are once again giving him a 9 out of 10.

Louis Ramey

Louis was killer last week. We were looking for more of the same this week and had great expectations. Did he deliver?

The worst thing that can happen to a comic is to have to follow a great act. Jim Tavare got to follow a horrific performance by Ron G, which made him look hysterical in comparison. Louis would have been better off in any position other than after Jim, because Jim brought it.

He started slow with Amish jokes that were kind of silly to be honest. He tried to play the “US Is the Strongest Country on the planet” card. He let it play just long enough to get the audience to scream a bit, woo hoo, Louis says we are strong, woo hoo!!! Then he makes the comment it is because we have Rednecks and lost us. He was good. 7 out of 10.

Adam Hunter

Adam was another of our “at risk” group. And he had a good night. Some repeat jokes from earlier performances, but you can’t expect all new stuff every day. He made a suggestion for Obama’s slogan for his run for the presidency. “Blacker than Hillary”. Another joke was that having a girlfriend was like having an IPOD with one song. His best was when he told the audience that he and his girlfriend decided to use toys in bed, she bought a vibrator and he bought “Guitar Hero”. He was good in this set, but it didn’t matter, he was eliminated last week, so we will not rate him.

Jeff Dye

Jeff was awful last week. He was the joke of the show. He shouldn’t have been here. It seems he took a risk and saved material for this week. His lead joke was “Why is it that when a girl sleeps with lots of guys, she is a slut, but when a guy does it, he is…homosexual?”. He was fairly good in this set, and somehow, despite his horrifically boring set last week, managed to survive on his looks and made it through to the final five. (RECOUNT!!). His performance ranks 7 out of 10.

Sean Cullen

Sean had a good week last week. We thought he would be in the running, but this week, he was downright awful. He and Ron G must have practiced together. Not one laugh in the set. If he made it into the final five, he would never have won, so it was merciful that he was also eliminated last week.


Iliza took the stage in a bright Red tight blouse accentuating her features. The audience went crazy for her, likely because they are used to seeing her face more on television than anyone else in the group just yet.

She should have worn a lower cut and tighter blouse, because her comedy just didn’t cut it. We will be generous and say 7 out of 10.


So, the result of this week is two of our “at risk” comics were sent packing. Adam Hunter and Ron G. One surprise suitcase was packed. Sean Cullen went home, but after this week’s ridiculously stupid performance, it was merciful.

It was kind of sad for Adam.  He had a bad week last week, and was great this week, but his performance this week didn’t count because he had already been eliminated.  We believe his material was good enough this week to have been in the running, but the new “sudden death” system had already eliminated him.

We weren’t totally surprised that Jeff Dye survived. He is cute, but his performance last week was awful.

We will list the top five in the reverse order of the score we gave them. Ties are alphabetical. Oh shoot, 4 out of 5 are tied!!! Time for

Iliza – 7 out of 10

Jeff Dye – 7 out of 10

Louis – 7 out of 10

Marcus – 7 out of 10

That ultimately leaves our winner… Jim Tavare!!!! 9 OUT OF 10!! It wasn’t close. He was clearly the best of the night.

We feel badly for Louis. He killed it last week and tonight was not all that special. That is how the competition goes though, if you blow through your best material to make the finals, you may not have enough gas left to win. Louis is great, but he should dump the Amish Set. Last week was much better.

There you have it. We are calling Jim Tavare the hands down winner of Last Comic. The only reason he could lose is because he is British and the bulk of the voters will be from the US. But we are hoping America isn’t that self centered and knows when they’ve been beat.

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