Last Comic Standing Final Performances Poll Update

Our polls went crazy this week-end on Last Comic Standing.

UPDATE: August 5, 2008

The polls are showing Jim Tavare as the clear winner in Last Comic Standing. Iliza is second, but it isn’t close at 45-13. Taking up the rear are Marcus and Louis. Louis I think hit a sour note this past week with his comments on the Amish and Rednecks.

Playing the reverse racism card isn’t going to work on a national audience. It is just racism, no matter which way you play it, and the audience sees through that. So Louis has actually drawn more “Worst Comic Standing” votes than anyone.

Time to learn Louis, racism is racism, no matter how you play the card.

UPDATE: August 4, 2008

The voters all agreed, Jim Tavare killed the competition in “The Hills Have Eyes, The Musical”. He is so far ahead that the polls show no one else stands a chance. The big surprise was the second place went to Jeff Dye. There has to be something in this guy we don’t see. His material needs an overhaul, but if he gets a good writer or a sit com, he could do quite well considering his popularity, which we know cannot be based on any of his performances in this show.

But Jeff is behind 44-8. It isn’t likely he wins.

In another poll, our contributors proved that Amish Jokes weren’t funny and Louis Ramey blew an opportunity last week to be the winner. He got the ranking of “Worst Comic Standing”. What is most interesting about this poll is it confirms the first. Jim Tavare was the only comic that did not get a single vote!!!

Jim Tavare WINS easily according to the polls.

We have also had another wave of votes for SYTYCD. Katee is pulling away, Joshua is a distant second, and it looks like the pollsters agree, Twitch has no prayer. Twitch was the joke last week in his first dance and got voted through. Chelsie paid the price for having him as a partner, but he got voted through. We love Twitch and think him a fantastic raw talent. But he isn’t diverse enough, and when it comes to this show, that is what it is all about.

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