NBC Doesn’t Seem to Think Venus Can Take GOLD in US Woman’s Tennis?

We have been continually annoyed watching sporting events when the announcers continually try to fill the void with useless verbiage.  Such was this game.  We have often enjoyed events vastly more when, due to technical difficulties, the announcers were cut off and we were allowed to derive for ourselves the level of play.

Venus looked beautiful on every stroke taking control in the first set over Iveta Benesova of Chekoslovakia.  The strength was obvious, despite the NBC announcers giving Venus little credit for her lead, saying she had done little to earn it.

Venus may have overheard and delivered a fantastic serve followed by a kill volley that gave Iveta little chance for a return.  Another kill and it was 40 – Love.  And then Game-Love.  Venus up first set 4-1.

Not one game was close in the first set save the one for Iveta, and finally, the NBC announcers were getting it.  It only took a 5-1 lead for them to catch on!!

But Venus double faulted and gave NBC’s commentators a bit of ammunition.  And she followed with another fault.  Venus delivered the second serve, but it was weak and led to a strong volley by Iveta.  Venus just kept hitting hard and deep until Iveta hit the ball out.

Venus followed with a 180+ KM/Hour serve and Iveta barely managed to touch it as it scorched past her.  If Venus starts landing those first servies, Iveta has no chance to break, and right now, she needs breaks, lots of them.

Set Venus 6-1.  Venus not only earned it, she was serving notice. Even NBC announcers were suddenly realizing, as Venus disposed of the disheartened Iveta in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4.  Venus is super and Gold in our books!

UPDATE: We maybe singing a different tune after her dismal performances following this game, along with Serena and Federer. Read about it here.

Photo Credits: Charles Krupa / Associated Press / Others
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