There Is No Gold In The Brazilian Flag, Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Prove It In Women’s Beach Volleyball Slaughter

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh were in the final round against Talita Antunes and Renata Ribeiro of Brazil.  Any loss here, and despite their undefeated record, either team could only Bronze.  No chance at Gold or Silver.  One loss and the chance at Gold in the finals for the losing team was gone.

Misty and Kerri jumped out to a huge 9-3 lead over their rivals.  Misty and Kerri were angry, and they were taking it out on the girls from Brazil.  66 minutes before start time for the game, the Brazilians pulled rank and kicked the US team off the number one Warm Up Court.  Misty and Kerri moved on silently, but now they were showing the Brazilians why they didn’t mind.  The Americans were making the Brazilian team look like little more than a warm up for Gold in the real game.

There is getting angry and there is getting even.  At 11-5, already a score where Brazil should be thinking Bronze would better match their hair colors than gold anyway, there was a classic US Point.  Walsh missed a block on a touch shot by Brazil.  Misty made a super-human dive to scoop the ball up.  Walsh took the opportunity to set it up for Misty and she killed it.  12-5.

At 13-6, Walsh had Green and Yellow for lunch, stuffing it back in the Brazilians’ faces, and taking it to 14-6.  There is no Gold in the Brazilian flag, it is yellow, and that wasn’t going to change if it was up to Misty and Kerri today.  Would you like the number one practice court girls?  Anytime.

Set Misty, Smash Kerri, 15-6.  You do NOT want to get these gals hot!  The Brazilians were undefeated coming into this match.  They got cocky.  Now there was no hope for them.  Bear in mind Misty is playing sick with a cold and fever, and she is still making the Brazilians look like beginners.

Walsh made a shot that should have been an easy return for the Brazilians, but they were so shaken up, they tapped it in the air and watched it land in the sand.  Another Misty Smash, you have to love this woman’s heart, 18-7.  If we were the Brazilian ladies, we would have forfeited the first set right then and there and started from scratch.

After a long rally that went to Brazil, the Green and Yellow took 3 points running.  But you don’t come back on Misty and Kerri from 11 points down.  20-11, set point on a Walsh smash.  Whoops.  Walsh served into the net?  Oh well, it was only one set point lost and Misty killed it for a 21-12 humiliation of Green and Yellow in the first set.

The Brazilians came out stronger in the second set, keeping it close.  Misty and Kerry were up 7-6, but then, Walsh came up with an Olympic quality crushing smash.  8-6.

The Brazilians showed they have some fight and came back to 10-10, but it was on a questionable call where the referee said Walsh did not have enough velocity on the ball to call it a hit.  Huh?  It isn’t like the Kerri caught the ball!!  No matter.

Misty and Kerri responded with two fast points.  12-10.  The Brazilians were chasing Misty and Kerri for the rest of the match.  14-12, 15-12, Stuff Misty, 16-12, Brazil out, 17-12, Brazil out again, 18-12.  We have to comment on the next series.  Misty served at 18-12, and Talita made a spectacular smash right at Misty who sent in the air.  It was all Kerri could do to get it up and over the net giving the Brazilians another chance for a kill!  Talita spikes again, and Misty will not let it hit sand, barely getting it in the air.  Walsh jumps in setting up the spike, and Misty, leaps out of the sand, from her knees, jumps and spikes a winner.  19-12.  Brazilians have no hope.  You do not come back against Misty and Kerry down 19-12.  Stuff Walsh 20-12.  Match Point.

Set Match US 21-12, 21-14.  Just wanted to let Talita and Renata know, they can have whatever court they want to practice on…for the Bronze.

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