Profile Spotlight: Courtney Galiano

Courtney Galiano is a stunning brunette dancer in the finals of So You Think You Can Dance Season 4. Her specialty is contemporary dance and she turned 20 on June 12. Courtney is from Dix Hills, NY. She graduated Commack High School, and is now studying childhood education at St. Joseph’s University.

Courtney has had dance training in lyrical, tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop, so there is little that is out of her element. Her dancing throughout the competition has been phenomenal. Katee has overshadowed Courtney this year, but anything could happen in the finals. Sabra was a surprise for us last year, and we were surprised again last week as the television audience loved Courtney, pushing her past Chelsie into the final four of the contest.

Courtney auditioned in Charleston, SC and got there at 4 AM with her grandparents!! The show played her up from the get-go. It appears they recognize the talent well before the audition, and select them for the seemingly impromptu cameos we see during the auditions. So, the show already knew they had found a winner before she made it through the door.

And Courtney has NOT disappointed. She is a finalist in the show, and one of the most diverse dancers ever to appear on So You Think You Can Dance. She picked a highly competitive year to audition, and she is at the very least in the top 4 of all those talents, and at the very least number 2 of the women with an excellent shot at number 1!

Courtney looks punished of late. She has paid her dues in this competition and her legs are bruised over what looks like about 80% of the surface. She has earned her way through this competition, never giving any less than her best and never letting any one of her partners down.

She has been awesome in all her solos, and it clearly showed in her audition! Mary’s contribution to Courtney was “You are a real cutie patuti up there”. Guest Judge Tyce Diorio said she has a “beautiful face, and beautiful body”. Seems that they got so wrapped up in Courtney’s captivating appeal that they forgot it was a dance competition, but they are right, Courtney is a knock-out, and it is sometimes difficult to separate that fact from how well she dances!

Courtney said “Send me to Vegas!”. They did, and she has proven to be one of the best selections the judges have ever made!!

Know more about Courtney at Fox.

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