SYTYCD Season 4 Finale: Joshua Wins in Shocker, Twitch Beats Katee and Courtney??

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Joshua’s last solo performance of the season and interview. Finals Night, 8/06/08

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6 thoughts on “SYTYCD Season 4 Finale: Joshua Wins in Shocker, Twitch Beats Katee and Courtney??”

  1. Well, last year, as you point out, Sabra won. And honestly, we have no idea where she came from.

    Katee led in our polls 5 to 1 over Twitch, so we are skeptical of dialidol’s results and have trouble believing they published these results BEFORE the winner was announced. We did try to find out who won according to dialidol before the results were announced and could find no such announcement.

    A problem for the women is that they do not lead in many of the dances, so the man often gets credit for the dance, in the same way a pitcher gets the win in baseball after his team won 19-2. All the pitcher had to do was keep it under 19.

    As far as dialidol goes, we are skeptical. One has to be careful of “after the fact” proclamations. There are plenty of them on the web. It is a certain way to generate hits, because most people read your web page long after the results.

    We still think Katee had to have more votes than Twitch in reality. And if she did not, and was beaten that soundly in the voting, America has no clue what dance is.

    Thank you for your informative response. Our readers are often ahead of us, and we need you to keep us informed!! Thank you!!

  2. Really I don’t know why women even bother to tryout. It’s obvious that they are at a huge disadvantage on this show. The tweenies (female 12-17) will always vote for who they crush on the most. It becomes a fierce redial competition to them and with technology’s aid they can stuff the box with a disproportionate number of votes. 9.9 Million watched the finals, but over 60million votes casted?!?

    The voting really wasn’t even close. According to DialIdol Joshu scored 13.1, Twitch 10.5, Katee 4.5, Courtney 1.2. That’s right Twitch, the least deserving in my mind, got more than 2x Katee and 8x Courtney. The producer’s realize the inequality and created a consolation prize of $50k to best in gender.

    Yes I know that Sabra won last season, but that was a combination of Danny backlash and the tweenies’ consensus to have a female winner and be heard, “I am women hear me roar”.

    The producers will not set vote allotments to phone numbers/ IP addresses because their revenue correlates to these numbers.

    They almost got it right with the consolation prize, but instead of making it yet another “popularity” prize, they should just have 2 grand prizes, both being equal. One for America’s Favorite Dancer and one for the Most Technical Dancer (as voted by the Judges/Choreographers). This seasons winner would have been Josh,Will or Josh,Katee (most likely Katee since she would have earned bonus points for going further in the comp.).

    There will never be a perfect solution to appease everyone, but this will bring some legitimacy to the show.

  3. We know that no matter who wins, there will be an enormous fan base that feels they were robbed. And yes, we realize that it has to do with being America’s favorite, not necessarily the best., but we hope that America is actually doing their level best to vote for the best performer.

    The problem we have with this finale is that Katee in no way lost to Twitch, who likely would not have even been in the competition had he not landed that great piece by Mia Michaels. If you recall, he danced with Katee in a spectacular set danced to “Mercy” by Duffy that is destined for the tour. That was the seasonal highlight for Mia, a possible Emmy, and one of our favorites of the season. Had Katee not performed that so well, we think Twitch would have been eliminated instead of Will. The performance by Katee made Twitch look much better than he was and saved him from elimination, instead taking out Will despite one of his best performances of the season. Mia and Katee made that piece and Twitch’s cool demeanor brought it out in a way that only he could. We give Twitch great credit and think he showed he can act, is totally cool, and deserved to be in the top 10. But he did not belong in the top 2, and most likely not the top 4.

    As far as wising up and whining down, Lynn…well, all our pollsters that placed Katee ahead of Twitch 5-1 should perhaps join us. If you read our article, we are not all that surprised by Joshua’s victory, but Twitch clearly did not beat Katee in this competition. If it is all going to come down to just America’s favorite, rather than the best dancer, there is a problem in the format, because we feel in a dance competition, they should be one in the same.

    We have some suggestions for how to improve the format of the show and will be adding that to our site. We will be asking our readers for their input. We welcome all your comments and thank you all. Please come on back and tell us how you think it could be better!

  4. I believe AMERICA GOT IT WRONG!! I’m no Katee fan, I’M a COURNEY FAN but even I have to bow down to Katee for being the best dancer in the show!! She’s simply flawless…

    Sure i’ts America’s Favorite dancer- NOT America’s BEST dancer but that just shows HOW AMERICA THINKS!!! They even got it wrong too with the Last Comic Standing!

    I wonder what’s going to happen in the upcoming US elections. Will America vote for their FAVORITE too?!! instead of who CAN technically lead this country out of the economic slump?!!

    If we can’t even vote right in something as mundane as reality TV, I don’t know how we can vote in more serious things…

    waiting for the overall review and photos ad videos please!!! thanks!

  5. Ok, this writer needs to wise up and whine down. They have ALWAYS made it clear on SYTYCD that this competition is not about the best (technical) dancer, it’s about America’s FAVORITE dancer so there is a lot more to the voting than acknowledging and voting for technical ability of one over another. The judges are fair to point out everyone’s strengths and flaws in categories of performance, entertainment, chemistry, passion, lines, technical expertise, difficulty level, AND the lack of any of the above mentioned on most dances. They remind the dancers constantly that this is about America’s FAVORITE dancer and it takes the whole package to win that and sometimes even more of an entertainer than a purest in the technical department. The viewers are asked to vote for their favorite which is what makes it fun to participate…viewers aren’t asked to be judges in the pure sense, but instead judges in what they know best, how much they are entertained on a whole, overall…..all while being educated and inspired about dance and all the aspects it brings to its form of art. And though Katee (like Will) was clearly a dancer of excellence and probably the top of the 4 in current technical expertise, she was not the favorite. So keep up with the program and stop the adolescent style whining.

  6. I agree with the article I wanted Kaytee to win I grew up in San Jose less than a mile from Pioneer HS where Kaytee went .Kaytee is great Joshua is phenominal for his size and strength.together no one could touch them on the show. I hear they all are singers and musicians it will be interesting how their career paths will develope with all the exposure they have gotten .Take Care Bill Silva (not the producer)

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