CBS 60 Minutes Interview of Obama and McCain, “I Am Barrack Obama and I Approve This Message”

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Time for Obama.

Obama’s introduction was shameless promotion for Obama by CBS. First, they skipped the first page with his opponent McCain on it. They just put up the large picture of Obama. They played Obama as the underdog, saying he was a longer shot than John McCain, but there is no proof of any such statement. They said he was running against one of the most unpopular administrations in American History (implying McCain was part of that administration), forgetting to mention the last two most unpopular administrations were Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson, both Democrats, and failing to mention that Lyndon Johnson had a similar decline in popularity to that of Bush during the Vietnam War. CBS did not care if they were biased; they were obviously out to promote Obama.

When asked about our current financial dilemma, Obama responded, “Well, there are a lot of factors involved, but I think there is no doubt that if we had had a regulatory system that had kept pace with the changes in the financial system that would have had an enormous impact on the problems that are out there…I mean you have greedy CEOs and investors taking too much risk, but that is why we define the rules of the road, to prevent that from spreading into the system as a whole, and unfortunately, we had a lot of deregulation and instead of modifying rules for this new economy, we just eliminated them. So we have to change our regulatory system, but Steve, there is a bigger problem. That is, our economy has not been working for ordinary Americans.”

CBS cut to an Obama speech, allowing Obama to take a cheap shot at McCain. CBS was clearly showing its liberal colors now and was trying to drive you to one conclusion.

CBS did a cameo setup with a woman screaming for Obama at a rally. This was all a set up to endear us to Obama. It was not an interview.   It was a cheaply choreographed commercial.

“…over time people want to know what are the policies, and the policies of John McCain haven’t changed since Sarah Palin was named as Vice Presidential Candidate”.

They play up Obama chatting it up with an old woman obviously campaigning for the Democratic party and walking in front of a cheering crowd of Democrats. This was all shamefully staged by CBS.

Why do you think you would be a great President. “well, I think that you…when you think about the the challenges we face, these are challenges for which we have to look forward not backward. When it comes to the economy, I think we have to realize we are now in a Global Economy”. When interrupted for not answering the question, he continued, “I think both by training and disposition, I understand where we have to take the country. One of the things I am good at is getting people in a room, with a bunch of different ideas, who sometimes violently disagree with each other, and finding common ground…and I think that is the kind of approach that keeps you from making some of the enormous mistakes we have made over the last eight years.”

When told he has never run anything, and asked how would he run the United States, he did not deny that he had never run anything, but responded, “If it is a question of experience, then Senator McCain and I are on equal footing. If people want to know what I am going to do, I am going to call the joint chiefs of staff and tell them that we need to find a way to bring this war in Iraq to a close, and we want to do it safely and protect our troops, but we are going to get it done because we can’t keep spending 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq when the Iraqi’s themselves are not taking responsibility and we have to refocus our attention on Afghanistan. The second thing I am going to do is we’re going to pull together a working group, including the Treasury Secretary and everybody involved in our economy and we are going to make an assessment of where we are and what we need to do in terms of stabilizing the financial markets and housing markets. The third thing we are going to do is finally have an energy proposal that is moved through congress that includes increasing production but also makes sure we are making this economy more energy efficient. The fourth thing we are going to do is get moving on a health care plan that finally provides people health insurance at affordable rates. The people that know me, the people that have worked with me and for me understand that I know how to make things run and get things done. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here having this interview with you (nice comment to McCain). It’s not just because I can give a good speech once in a while.”

CBS cited that the cost of Obama’s programs would be 60 Billion to Create Jobs improving infrastructure, 150 Billion to develop Alternative Energy Sources, and a similar amount for health care.

When asked about the expense of his programs, he was told the Republicans accuse him of being a big spender and that he will have to increase taxes, he said, “They’re wrong, and I think they are being deliberately misleading. Under my tax plan, 95% of American workers would get a tax cut. If you are making less than $250,000, you would not see a single dime of tax increase.”

When asked when his tax breaks would start to kick in, he responded, “I would say if you are making $150,000 a year or less, you are definitely getting a tax cut under my plan, between $150,000 and $250,000 you are probably going to remain roughly the same. It is true if you make more than $250,000, you’ll probably pay a slightly higher rate, but you’ll probably still pay lower taxes than you did back in the 90s, and you will definitely being paying lower taxes than under Ronald Reagan”.

In response to healthcare, he said that coverage for children would be mandatory. He promised government subsidized insurance to all Americans with premiums based on a percentage of their income.

When asked about the $150 billion this would cost, he responded,

“We pay for every dime that we propose to spend. I believe in pay as you go, that if you propose a new program you better cut some old ones. If you want to expand a program, you better figure out where the money is coming from.” When pushed, he said it would be paid for by “rolling back the Bush tax cuts, it’s closing corporate loopholes, but look, I don’t make a claim we are going to be able to eliminate our deficit within my first term as President”. Obama stated the deficit would drop under his administration.

“We don’t know what would have happened if we had instituted the plan I put forward in the beginning of 2007, and the fact of the matter is, that as successful as our troops have been in lowering the violence in Iraq, and they have performed brilliantly, the truth of the matter is we still don’t have an oil agreement, we still have provincial elections, the commanders on the ground acknowledge that the political progress that’s needed has not been made. So, we welcome the reduction in violence, but the notion somehow that this was the only way to solve the problem and the problem has somehow been solved, I completely disagree”.

Obama claimed that John McCain said the war would be easy. He said it was a direct quote.

When asked about Iran, he said a nuclear armed Iran is a threat to the US and Israel. “It is unacceptable, I will not take any options off the table including military to prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but I do think it is important to use all the arrows in our quiver, and I do not think we have the kind of tough diplomacy over the last eight years that I think could have made a difference”.

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7 thoughts on “CBS 60 Minutes Interview of Obama and McCain, “I Am Barrack Obama and I Approve This Message””

  1. I just watched the 60 min interview and when McCain was asked about “LIES” in his ads…the interviewer threw on the table a stack of both candidates ads…and with out bringing one ad out to challenge mccain …he challenged mccain’s honor…and then Obama….was a cake walk …no stacks of ads…didn’t challenge obama on his false ads…but let obama rant about mccain’s…i am soooo sick of this election….the rottening media …it’s a shame….i never would have guessed 60 minutes…i’ll never watch again….

  2. I think you have it wrong. They were saying McCain has a lead when he doesn’t, making him look more credible. There were a number of follow up questions I could have thought to ask which would have made McCain squirm. They didn’t. There were actually more followup questions for Obama and they also persisted in asking those questions rather than dropping them, which is appropriate I think. These are tough questions and need to be answered as much as possible. McCain has embraced Bush and now uses all of his tactics and still wants to act like he is a maverick. It doesn’t work that way. We now have no idea who McCain is, but he has clearly shown poor judgment of late and has a real lack of knowledge, understanding and memory, all which is worrisome. I don’t even think he should be allowed to run with the extent of his Gaffes, but it is too late now, isn’t it.

  3. We would like to respond to you all at once if we may.

    1. Think before you respond. If you have a valid beef, make an argument. So far, we have received what we expected, folks aggravated with the truth.

    2. If you can write, which obviously some of you cannot, we accept articles submitted to our site for publication. We will even edit them for you to help you make your point if you request our help. The article you present can be liberal, moderate or conservative, just not insulting, rude and without content. We publish any point of view.

    Our point of view here is quite clear on 60 minutes. CBS created a completely liberal bias which destroyed the show for most people that were moderate or conservative. if you want to sway votes, you have to present a reasonable argument. CBS and Obama made it all look like a staged advertisement, which fooled no one that wasn’t already on the far left.

    If you disagree, please write us with coverage of the interviews and we would be glad to publish your counterpoints.

  4. This article is the biggest pile of crap on the internet, your effort to put McCain in the best possible light, while putting Obama down is not even hidden. Perhaps someone who doesn’t know that McCain is perhaps a liar and a huge reason this nations is where it is, Would be taken as a fool to believe anything you’ve written here.

  5. They showed his picture above the picture of McCain and they made McCain go first? Wow, those savages! This is the mentallity of the McCain supporters. This is what is improtant to you people the very week that your policies nearly destroyed the country? Really? This is why McCain was not good enough to even be a candidtate the last 2 times he tried. This is why the media does not cover him “fairly”. John McCain is a joke and you just wrote one of a dozen punch lines. Stop blaming the ineptness and incompetance of your candidate on the media. Obama is 1000 times the better choice over McCain , that is not the media’s fault and they are not “Bias” for reporting the reality.

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