CBS 60 Minutes Interview of Obama and McCain, “I Am Barrack Obama and I Approve This Message”

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Our Response:

McCain was set up by CBS in this interview. The questions were intentionally different and more broadly based and leading to Obama while more confrontational towards McCain.

The introductions were like introducing the guy next door and the Prince of England. A twisted ruse by CBS to pander to liberals.

We will make an attempt to answer each comment made in each speech, given time.

Our summary judgment is that McCain answered his questions in a very straight forward and honest fashion. Obama skirted the issues and did not answer the hard questions frequently using the word “probably” when referring to his tax policies. His responses were much like those on his website. Saying all the wonderful things he will do, but not how any of them could possibly be paid for. He has programs that will cost almost the entire national deficit, and he plans to make it up on a small increase on people making over $250,000 a year? Please. This questions the intelligence of even the most liberal.

We believe CBS avoided questions specifically to aid Obama in his interview. Case in point, when McCain was asked about his tax cuts, they asked if it was wise given the deficit, but when Obama’s tax cuts were brought up, they did not ask how he was going to pay for those.

His only statement about how he will pay for his programs appears to be that it will all be made up by those making more than $250,000 a year, which will clearly give many an incentive to make $249,999.99. When asked how he would pay for his programs he spoke of cutting programs, but did not say what programs. He then followed that he would roll back the Bush tax cuts and close corporate loopholes. McCain has also spoken about the latter topic and about improving corporate governance.The truly key point we draw from Obama is we fail to see how he can roll back Bush Tax Cuts without Increasing Taxes. That is total double speak. If you roll back tax cuts, you increase taxes. Period.

CBS was able to control the interview. In the McCain segment, CBS did most of the talking and diverted attention away from the real issues asking about Sarah Palin and Georgia. They then let Obama talk much more, clearly giving Obama more time and exposure even though the segments looked equal in real time. You can see this from just reveiwing the total words spoken in the synopsis above and the final transcript.

CBS, during the Obama interview, cut to an Obama speech, allowing Obama to take a cheap shot at McCain. CBS was clearly showing its liberal colors and was trying to drive you to one conclusion.  When Obama quipped about a campaign commercial and a McCain response to a reporter out of context, the reporter practically agreed with him rather than calling him on the nonsense.

CBS commended him on the “most aggressive speech” the interviewer had seen in a while, practically patting Obama on the back. No such comments or reviews of McCain speeches were given. “For several weeks we were putting up, if you recall, with a lot of silliness from the other side. Brittney Spears Ads, we were talking about lipstick and pigs, and one of the things we felt very strongly was that we had to make the contrast between John McCain’s economic agenda and ours very clear.”   Actually, there are contrasts.  The biggest is that even after Obama’s interview, we have no clue how he expects to pay for programs that would cost nearly the national deficit, and comments about McCain commercials and speeches out of context doesn’t change that.

When Obama said “…over time people want to know what are the policies, and the policies of John McCain haven’t changed since Sarah Palin was named as Vice Presidential Candidate”, no one asked him if his policies have changed since Biden was named VP Candidate.  Fair is fair guys.  Could you have staged this any better?

When Obama out and out lied about McCain saying the war would be easy, no one even called him on that!!  Obama was given free reign to quip, insult and lie at will.

CBS omitted some important issues in their conversation with McCain. For example, they cleverly made it look like Obama was the only one addressing the problem of health care, totally avoiding the issue with McCain. And then only mildly pressed him on how it would be paid for, allowing it to be brushed off with a simplistic answer that made no mathematical sense.

We hope in the debates, they are much tougher on both candidates and stick to the issues that are important. We do know that at least the candidates will be given equal time and asked the same questions.

We believe that McCain should avoid getting baited into these types of interviews in the future. The media is liberal and will continue to just make it a free advertisement for Obama.

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7 thoughts on “CBS 60 Minutes Interview of Obama and McCain, “I Am Barrack Obama and I Approve This Message””

  1. I just watched the 60 min interview and when McCain was asked about “LIES” in his ads…the interviewer threw on the table a stack of both candidates ads…and with out bringing one ad out to challenge mccain …he challenged mccain’s honor…and then Obama….was a cake walk …no stacks of ads…didn’t challenge obama on his false ads…but let obama rant about mccain’s…i am soooo sick of this election….the rottening media …it’s a shame….i never would have guessed 60 minutes…i’ll never watch again….

  2. I think you have it wrong. They were saying McCain has a lead when he doesn’t, making him look more credible. There were a number of follow up questions I could have thought to ask which would have made McCain squirm. They didn’t. There were actually more followup questions for Obama and they also persisted in asking those questions rather than dropping them, which is appropriate I think. These are tough questions and need to be answered as much as possible. McCain has embraced Bush and now uses all of his tactics and still wants to act like he is a maverick. It doesn’t work that way. We now have no idea who McCain is, but he has clearly shown poor judgment of late and has a real lack of knowledge, understanding and memory, all which is worrisome. I don’t even think he should be allowed to run with the extent of his Gaffes, but it is too late now, isn’t it.

  3. We would like to respond to you all at once if we may.

    1. Think before you respond. If you have a valid beef, make an argument. So far, we have received what we expected, folks aggravated with the truth.

    2. If you can write, which obviously some of you cannot, we accept articles submitted to our site for publication. We will even edit them for you to help you make your point if you request our help. The article you present can be liberal, moderate or conservative, just not insulting, rude and without content. We publish any point of view.

    Our point of view here is quite clear on 60 minutes. CBS created a completely liberal bias which destroyed the show for most people that were moderate or conservative. if you want to sway votes, you have to present a reasonable argument. CBS and Obama made it all look like a staged advertisement, which fooled no one that wasn’t already on the far left.

    If you disagree, please write us with coverage of the interviews and we would be glad to publish your counterpoints.

  4. This article is the biggest pile of crap on the internet, your effort to put McCain in the best possible light, while putting Obama down is not even hidden. Perhaps someone who doesn’t know that McCain is perhaps a liar and a huge reason this nations is where it is, Would be taken as a fool to believe anything you’ve written here.

  5. They showed his picture above the picture of McCain and they made McCain go first? Wow, those savages! This is the mentallity of the McCain supporters. This is what is improtant to you people the very week that your policies nearly destroyed the country? Really? This is why McCain was not good enough to even be a candidtate the last 2 times he tried. This is why the media does not cover him “fairly”. John McCain is a joke and you just wrote one of a dozen punch lines. Stop blaming the ineptness and incompetance of your candidate on the media. Obama is 1000 times the better choice over McCain , that is not the media’s fault and they are not “Bias” for reporting the reality.

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