9/29 The Amazing Race Season 13 Premiere, Introductions and Results

It is a bit early in the competition to say much, other than introduce the contestants. Believe it or not, they already eliminated one of the teams, an elderly couple that certainly looked like they would not last long. This is the list of players in reverse order of their first week finish.

Anita and Arthur

An elderly couple still living in the 60s, when they were likely middle aged. They didn’t look like they would survive a week. They didn’t. Nuff said.

Marisa and Brooke

They remind us of the blonde’s last year. Preppy, cute, but not as nasty…yet.

Anthony and Stephanie

A couple looking for competition to make them a team. He’s a mortgage broker, she’s a financial saleswoman. We figure if they don’t win, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, they will be broke.

Aja and Ty

A chance to start their marriage with a bang. She is stunning, he is handsome, but are they competitive enough?

Andrew and Dan

Animal house comes to mind. These guys would be the freshmen. Goofy looking, out of shape, and more at home on a couch.

Toni and Dallas

This is a Mother and her Son. Cute names. Cute personalities. Family values.

Kelly and Christy

Supposedly, both Kelly & Cristy just went through bitter divorces. We will see if their marriage as friends lasts out the competition.

Mark and Bill

Proud of their nerd badge, they collect comic books. They seem OK.

Terence and Sarah

He coaches runners and is quite athletic, but he also sells real estate. She has an MBA. Interesting mix.

Ken and Tina

He cheated, they separated, they are hoping the competition will bring them back together.

Nick and Starr

Nick and Star are brother and sister. Sounds similar to Toni and Dallas, but with the sibling rivalry edge. Hoping for some insults and digs from this pair, but they looked great this week.

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