Barack Obama Discards Women’s Rights, John McCain Embraces Them

In an unexpected turn of events, Senator Barack Obama, instead of choosing the best woman in the nation for a running mate, selected a man, Joe Biden. He slighted women in this action and he made light of Hillary Clinton’s strong following.

Hillary was gracious at the convention and supported Obama despite his inability to understand what he had done. Perhaps it is Obama’s sexist background that led him to the decision.

Senator John McCain selected Sarah Louise Heath Palin, the current governor of Alaska. She was the first woman to ever be elected to the governorship in Alaska, and she is the first female vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

We see this as a brilliant move by McCain. Sarah Palin is 44 years old, a great leader, with five children. She has an unheard of approval rating as governor that is the highest in Alaska’s history and in the 90s!! And it was her stand against a Republican establishment for unethical dealings in Alaska that won her that governorship, so this is hardly a partisan choice.

Obama made all the polite hypocritical comments we would expect to the press, while he immediately had his campaign take a swipe at Palin’s experience. Talk about calling the kettle black!! We think the Obama camp better wake up and start treating women with respect. Or his election in November is anything but guaranteed.

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8 thoughts on “Barack Obama Discards Women’s Rights, John McCain Embraces Them”

  1. Like we said, the people that are the most sexist never see it. And of course, everyone else is full of nonsense. LOL.

    Shame on us? You are the one that thinks any selection of a female VP candidate is sexist so long as it isn’t a Democrat. Please. Grow up. Democrats don’t have the corner on the market.

    We suggest you read our article to find out how you and most liberals appear to be whining while not realizing how incredibly sexist and racist you actually are.

    Just be glad McCain didn’t pick a black woman. Then we would have to say they were racist and sexist.

    You are pretty funny in your writing, we would love to have you contribute to the site if you can get some facts straight.

  2. It’s pretty comical that my comment was labled as sexist. For those of you NOT paying attention to what is categorically PUBLIC information, Sarah Palin is showing herself to be a neophyte when it comes to national politics and more.
    For the record, Hillary would have been Sen. Obama’s firsst choice if not for the grueling and often bitter primary campaign (and the fact that Bill Clinton’s may not hold up well to scrutiny.
    Catherine Sebellius would have made a fine choice, also.
    I guess it would be sexist to say that Mitt Romney, bland but economically savvy, would have been McCain’s best choice?
    Lastly, the title you chose for your bit of nonsense is just that: Nonsense.
    Shame on you.

  3. Sen. Obama picked the person who he most respected and could work with. Joe Biden has been vetted extensively, having been on the public scene for decades. Additionally, Biden shores up some perceived weaknesses that Obama has on the Foreign Policy & National Defense front.
    The Republicans hoped that Obama would have been forced to pick Clinton, exposing Bill Clinton and his murky Presidential Library contributers and bringing to light some of the more unsavory characters that Clinton associates with (among other things).
    McCain picked Palin not out of some well-intentioned desire to thrust women’s right to the fore, as evidenced by his positions on women’s issues, but because his party called for it.
    His first choice was Joe Lieberman, his second, likely Tom Ridge.
    Political expediency, I think it’s called.
    Palin may yet prove to be the Republican’s undoing.

  4. Well, we would like to take this opportunity to respond to you all.

    Angelene, you cannot even see how sexist it is to say that any woman selected for the Republican ticket is being sexist? Besides, we don’t care if we are sexist, racist, etc. We are what we are. Read our articles fer Pete’s sake.

    Gregg. We offer people the opportunity to write articles for us. If you are more than delusional, please feel free to submit one to us. Check our elections home page for details.

  5. The only thing McAlzheimer embraces is the plot to use a woman to pander votes from the other side. It will not work, in fact, he helped us solidify our base with his choice. SHE WILL NEVER EQUAL TO A HILLARY CLINTON believe me. The attack dog personality is not very becoming of women in this election.

  6. We know your motive but it will not work! Obama had the choice and he used his best judgment of selecting a partner to live with for at least the next four years. Your attempt to steal our women voters, is not going to work because Hillary and us Dem women are unified regardless to whatever PUMA says.

    Now, may I please select the man or woman that I want for mate? Oh no, why not!!

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