CNN’s One Sided Diatribe…”McCain Campaign ‘sleaziest’ in modern history” Obama a Cry Baby!

We have watched the web become a slingshot for the liberal press to fling articles at us bashing the Republicans and anything non-liberal.  Honestly, we expect the web, with outlets like the HuffingtonPuffingtonPost to be completely biased against McCain and anything non-liberal, but CNN has gone overboard with their liberal tactics. They have totally reversed the facts in this article

If McCain or his camp stood up and said these same things after being bashed repeatedly by the Obama camp and the liberal press, CNN would have used a title like, “McCain Can’t Take It”, or “Palin’s Crying Smears Her Lipstick”.  The writers at CNN act like a bunch of children.

They are using a quote from an Obama advisor to state that McCain is dirty in his attacks on Obama?  Fact is,from what we are reading, it is just the opposite.  Throughout our newspapers and all over the web all we see are attacks on McCain and Palin.  We haven’t even decided on who to vote for for president yet, but when we post any article on our website that favors McCain in any way over Obama, even if Obama’s position is a joke, we receive a string of hate mail and insults.  When we criticize McCain, we hear nothing at all.  They (the McCain camp), apparently, can take the criticism and move on while the liberals are apparently a slew of cry babies.

From what we can gather, the liberals believe a criticism of Obama is an attack, but a criticism of McCain is informational.  The comments in the CNN article are bitter and childish and they aren’t being made by McCain or his camp!  They are quotes from Obama and his.  In fact, we can’t find one quote in the article that is a specific McCain attack against Obama, but we see quote after quote of insulting attacks from Obama.

Obama needs to be less of a cry baby and more of a man if he wants to get elected President.   CNN and the other liberal outlets should try it.  A bit of non-biased writing might help their image.

Let us know if McCain calls Obama on being a Muslim and we will believe Obama is more than a cry baby campaigner.  In the meantime, Obama said he was a Muslim all by his lonesome.  He didn’t need McCain’s help.

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3 thoughts on “CNN’s One Sided Diatribe…”McCain Campaign ‘sleaziest’ in modern history” Obama a Cry Baby!”

  1. It shows how low right wingers can get , trying to smear somebody by calling them a ” Muslim ‘ and if he was there would be nothing wrong with it, except for the lunatic right . And now the his disastrous vp pick , who actually thinks seeing Russia from her office , is foreign policy experience has been caught doing the same sleazy stuff cheney has , being caught and found guilty of ” ABUSE of Power ‘” .
    The arrogance of the palin/ McShame ticket is amazing .

  2. We agree 100% Pubious. It is time for the candidates to stand up and confront the issues instead of playing the he-said, she-said game of politics which serve no one. I feel like we are in grade school and each are blaming the other for talking out of turn so they won’t get in trouble.

    We do believe that the Democrats have been doing much more complaining about Sarah Palin’s nomination than the Republicans have done defending it however. It has gotten to the point where we were wondering if Obama was running against Sarah instead of McCain.

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