McCain Versus Obama on Immigration: Is the US the Melting Pot or the Stagnation Pot?

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The facts show that overly limiting immigration hurts our nation desperately and that the fears above are unfounded. Let’s address each negative.

1. Most immigrants are screened heavily to make sure they can either enter as working participants of society or be supported by their families or sponsors. There are few immigrants on welfare, most welfare participants are full fledged American citizens.

2. We have to answer this in two parts…

  1. Most of the jobs that immigrants start in are not the jobs we are seeking. Most become maids, hotel housekeeping staff, street cleaners, janitors, etc.
  2. Immigrants that are brought in as professionals contribute to our tax base and add to our international competitive edge. Forcing them out makes the supply smaller and the cost goes up. Forcing out professionals and not allowing them to immigrate forces our companies to export their labor anyway. We import engineering services for example from India. Wouldn’t it be better to have the Indian engineer work here in the first place paying US Taxes and Social Security?

3. We manufacture almost nothing and we look to foreign nations to provide nearly everything we buy. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them work here, collect taxes from them and export their services and products? Ah, if we could only immigrate logic.

4. Since 9/11 immigration from many nations has been severely curtailed to supposedly protect our borders. Not one of the terrorists on 9/11 that attacked us was an immigrant, they were foreign citizens. Most of the 9/11 terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

5. Racism and fear are something we cannot argue against. There is no racist feeling or internal fear you have of another race of people we can dispel with words. All we want to indicate is that if that is your sole reason for fearing immigration, then by all means, put up an “Irish Need Not Apply” sign.

Wow, we didn’t think we had so much to say about immigration and why we think the US should be immigrating as many legal citizens as they can, possibly focusing on those with talents we require in the US. Where are there labor shortages in the US? Fill them and collect taxes to boot to help the rest of America. But what do the candidates have to say?

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