In Retrospect, Palin Is NO NIMBY. Heroic Speech Questions Obama’s Double Speak

In her September 3rd speech accepting her selection as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Palin astutely stated, “U.S. reliance on imported oil poses a national security risk, and energy policy should include everything from expanding domestic drilling to finding alternative fuels”. 

The Democrats appear to think we should continue to import our resources while we take decades to bring on alternative fuels, but with the NIMBY attitude of the US, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. We need to break the ecology extremists that would save a chicken at the expense of a human life. These liberals would see our economy crushed before they would stop sending huge amounts of American currency to the home of the terrorists that executed the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Palin went on, “”We need American energy resources, brought to you by American ingenuity, and produced by American workers.”

Palin showed that she has more savvy and is more cognizant of America’s situation than the Democrats which are still planning on addressing our national deficit by blocking energy advances in America and continuing to import foreign oil at huge expense.

We are NIMBY’s. It has to stop. It has to stop now. the Democrats support NIMBYism and are desperate to continue to add to our national deficit and to discourage the tapping of US resources and inherent creation of US jobs.

These policies, combined with a set of programs that would cost nearly the national deficit with no logical explanation of how to pay for them, has driven us away from Obama.

Obama has a chance to sway the moderates like us to his side, but it isn’t lying in his commercials. He has to answer several questions.

1. How do we reduce our dependency on foreign oil ASAP? We have a hint. It isn’t ethanol.

2. How do we pay for 400 billion dollars worth of Democratic programs with only what Obama states is a small tax increase on those making over $250,000?

3. How do you roll back Bush Tax Cuts without raising taxes? Aren’t raising taxes and rolling back tax cuts the exact same thing?

4. How can you say you will solve Social Security Problems by taxing people a decade from now, when you know you can’t possibly even be in office by then? Wouldn’t that just be deferring responsibility to your successor?

Those would be our questions to Obama in the debates, and we are not CBS, a pandering network in Obama’s pocket.

If you, our readers, can provide the answers to any of these questions above, we welcome your input, because we sure can’t.

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4 thoughts on “In Retrospect, Palin Is NO NIMBY. Heroic Speech Questions Obama’s Double Speak”

  1. @R

    Your responses are rather naive. Tell the truckers that drive their trucks to deliver everything we purchase to drive less. I think you may get run over by a truck.

    400 billion freed up? Before or after the 700 billion for the bailout? Tax breaks on oil companies? Do you have any idea what amount was given to the oil companies and did you know that Obama voted for it? We didn’t think so.

    Hmm. I don’t have time for the rest. From what we are hearing, Obama has nothing really to offer McCain doesn’t except a better health care plan, but he can’t pay for that either.

  2. @Joe

    Fact is, no tax on only those making more than 250,000 could pay for nearly a trillion in new programs. Drilling is our best solution. Tapping our own resources makes sense. But we would settle for some plan from either side that had time tables and clarity rather than just talking the talk. We aren’t really talking only about the wealthy here Joe. They will tax business that gross a quarter million or more no matter how many people they employ. Biden claims that 95% of businesses don’t meet that criteria, but he is lying or intentionally being misleading, because he is including the self employed.

  3. You want answers? I’m voting for Obama, though I don’t know if I would call myself a “liberal” (by conservative standards, I’m a liberal, I suppose). For the record, I don’t think he – or any candidate, ever – has all of the answers to all of our questions. I’ll give your questions a go, though:

    1. We may not be able to. We may just have to deal with dependence on foreign oil for a bit longer. I’ve yet to see the evidence that drilling in the ANWR or in various places off-shore will actually make a significant contribution to reducing dependency on foreign oil. Obama has called for a massive social investment in developing alternative energy sources. But since the Wall Street disaster is going to cost over a trillion to clean up, I don’t see it happening.

    2. It sounds small – I’m not sure Obama ever used the word “small” to describe it (I never saw that). It is relatively small since it is, to my understanding, only going to bring taxes on the top 1% back to what they were during the Clinton years. But Obama is also committed, at least he says and I want to believe it, to bringing the war to an end. That will free up some resources. The Wall Street bailout changes everything though. In the end it is about budget priorities as much as it is increasing revenue. We can put a stop to bloated defense budgets, corporate welfare (one day, I hope), and foreign aid to countries that don’t need or deserve it. Alternative energy, education, and healthcare can be moved to the top of the list.

    3. Yes. But so what? I’m for the wealthy paying more, and I don’t skirt around the issue. Concentrated wealth leads to concentrated power and is a danger to a free and democratic society. And it is the labor of millions of workers that makes concentrated wealth even possible to begin with; taxation of that wealth to fund programs that will benefit their lives is the very least society can do. But I’m only for them if and when they actually work.

    4. You got me there. If that’s what Obama is saying, it doesn’t make much sense. But he’d have to do a whole lot worse before I ever considered voting for McCain.

  4. 1. There are many ways to reduce the use of foreign oil. In fact one of them is being done right now…

    These will reduce foreign oil use:

    * Use less oil e.g. Drive Less
    * Properly insulate homes to use less heating oil
    * Less suburbia, more urbia ( Tax Breaks to move closer to work )
    * Tax Breaks for BiCyclers ( solve the obesity and go green! )

    While these are happening work on eliminating oil use period. Come on man all the other countries are doing it, Holland, Germany, China, Japan, Australia, Spain. Green is the future, and it will be for a very long time. The US should get on the bandwagon now before the bandwagon rolls us over.

    2. 400 Billion dollars I am sure could be freed up if say we eh…. ( stop fighting useless wars, giving 200 billion dollar tax breaks to oil companies, and um not build bridges to no where? )… Maybe, just maybe…

    3. Are you so serious about your special 300$ check? You can’t even buy a Nintendo Wii for 300$. However, libraries, police departments, hospitals, roads, FEMA need it more than you…. Come on dude give the 300$ back and rest assured that rich people will be giving back their 30,000$ as well. Then go to a properly funded clean grassy park on a sunny day and relax, drink some beers. Just remember the 300$ bush tax was a gimmick ( like a cereal toy ) to pull the wool over your eyes. Giving it back will be like giving back something your ex-girlfriend gave you… enjoy.

    4. Sending troops to a country with no “winnable” scenario and having them stay there for many years isn’t deferring daddy’s oil buddies issues to another successor?

    Not every problem can be solved in 7 years 363 days. If Obama’s plan starts to go south vote him out in 4 years. Hell, I join ya. However, if the signs are there that it is working and continuing as planned, then make sure to vote for someone in 7 years time to keep the plan going.

    For ex,

    I don’t like the Bush Doctrine for fighting terrorism. Every time that I have had a chance I have voted against it. All the while having to listen to Bush loving people gloss over details and facts to support it when in fact it is a complete and utter failure.

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