The Primary Issues Of The Presidential Election 2008 Obama versus McCain

We have read the speeches and followed the conventions and read much of the emotional fluff that goes into any election. Fact is, this comes down to fundamental issues we all care about.

Now, how does a candidate give you the warm feeling you need to make sure you don’t leave a chad hanging when you vote? To totally commit to a candidate, you have to believe in the entire package. So, they feed you a package, with the edge taken off of each primary issue.

The problem is that by the time November comes around, you really don’t know what you are voting for or against, so you tend to vote your party, which you may have chosen because your father was a member of that party, or maybe because he wasn’t!! Perhaps it is your current group of friends, or maybe it is the persuasion of a particular set of folks that convince you, or maybe you even just make the decision in five minutes over a glass of wine.

But the fact of the matter is most people that vote for President, do not understand half the issues when they make their selection. It is not because they lack intelligence, and we have been as guilty as the rest. It is where we focus our time. The selection of President is clearly critical to the nation, but so is paying the bills, dealing with taxes, and taking care of your children. How much time is there in a day? Is it possible that we allow the hyperbole of the election to drive our selection, and is it any surprise that quite often it is the candidate raising the most money that gets our vote in the same way the brand name products get placed in our shopping cart?

We are going to attack the issues one at a time between now and the election and pin down the candidates on their side. We ask for your inputs where you feel we are wrong or right. And we want to determine, one by one, which man is the better selection for President.

We do ask you that you realize one primary issue. No matter what ideals the candidate holds and how many promises they make, they will not and cannot keep them all. Most are ideals they hold that allow you to identify with them. Many will turn out to be a lost cause and seem like false hope. So another objective is to let you know where we feel the position your candidate is taking is likely a pipe dream and an ideal, but cannot happen in the real world.

Welcome to Please feel free to make yourselves part of our reality!

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