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Our site tries to take a non-biased approach towards the objective of selecting a candidate for President.  Read one or two of our articles and then write your own.  It is fun and you will be welcome if you are liberal, moderate or conservative unlike some other publications we will not mention.

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3 thoughts on “Write Your Political Opinion And Get it Published!! This Site is About Your VIEW of the 2008 Presidential Election…”

  1. Minutes after the announcement that Obama was my new president and commander-in-chief I sat and wondered why I never considered voting for McCain. I was stunned when I realized that he never asked for my vote. He did not think he needed it. He campaigned only for the white vote which means that he only intended to be their president. By ignoring blacks, much like we are ignored in shopping centers and at our workplaces, he ran the most racist campaign in the history of politics. It is not necessary for you to call me nigger for you to be considered a racist. Actions always have and always will speak louder than words.

    The republican party just woke up a sleeping giant. There are still millions of minority voters who did not vote because they did not believe their vote would count. They believe now. The next election will have more minority and youth voters than 2008. I am amused that the Republican party will need my vote in 2012 if they have any chance of resurrection. They will have to change their message and by doing that they will become more divided than they are now. They need my vote now. I look forward to their request.

  2. Would you like to write an article? That way you get a headline, a picture to match your article, and some headline room on our web site!! We would welcome your article.

    Maybe you could research what happened to Lyndon Johnson’s popularity rating during his four year tenure during the Vietnam War. Interesting similarities.

    Looking forward to getting your article.

  3. Whomever American voters choose, I would only ask that they take more responsibility in the candidate they select.

    Cases in point:

    The Clinton / Gore ticket in the 1992 presidential election carried 43% of voters, as opposed to Bush / Quayle at 37% and Perot Stockdale at 18%. in 1996, Clinton / Gore raked in 49% of the votes over Dole / Kemp with 41%. America was in love with Bubba Clinton…until he exposed himself to a domestic worker on one occasion and was found committing adultery with a White House aide on another.

    In the presidential election of 2000, Bush / Cheney only pulled in 47% of votes while Gore / Liebermann pulled in 48% but Bush somehow won anyway. Americans were so vehement about Bush being president, they opposed recounts and occupied much of news and opinion with the slogan “We need a President”. However, in 2004 Bush / Cheney beat out Kerry / Edwards 50% to 48%.

    Now Americans can’t stand Bush. Here’s some real truth. You may not have voted for him in 2000 but the majority did in 2004 after you already knew he was trying to start World War III. So Americans ought not be crying about the war or the economy because you’re the ones who did it to yourselves.

    Now you’re asked to chose between a charismatic, eloquent black man and a die-hard American war hero, both of whom have been statesmen in varying degrees.

    America has bailed out, and is poised to bail out, big corporations whose directors and CEO’s make enough money that they could bail the corporate entities out with their own personal wealth. Those bail-outs come at the expense of tax dollars from American workers who can’t even get a fair salary from the giant corporations and whose jobs are being sent overseas. We are on the precipice of another world war with at least two other hostile nations are developing, or vacillating on developing, nuclear weapons. Finally, we are already at war with at least one enemy, while were sending billions of tax payer dollars to another country that is the victim of Soviet aggression.

    If you do not choose wisely, America, this could be the end of America, as we know it. If you’re voting on the basis of race, age, or whom you’d most like to see on the six o’clock news, please go back and realistically evaluate what skills and abilities each candidate has to address each of these situations.

    Then if it doesn’t work out, don’t cry about it.

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