10/12 Season 13 Amazing Race Results: Nerds Don’t Rule

The teams have to make their way to La Paz Bolivia. As usual, they are all tied at the Airport and leave on two separate planes. The group gets to sleep on a street in Bolivia. Love these high budget shows.

The teams try to recruit local help to figure out the game. They start scrounging some newly delivered newspapers to find a clue. There is an ad for a hat shop that shows them where to go. All the people have to do is follow the first team that figures it out. D’uh.

But they all insist on staring at the paper trying to figure it out after the first team, the nerds have distanced themselves from the pack.

Everyone slowly figures it out and jumps a cab. Traffic is absurdly heavy for some. And others breeze through. Reminds us of New York!

They hit a detour. Musical March or Bumpy Ride. In one case they have to form a marching band and march to their clue. The other is to take a ride on wooden bicycles down a bumpy street. We would choose the latter. It just sounds easy. Rattling, but easy.

The nerds have fallen behind and are winded, now in 3rd place. The altitude is getting to them.

The bikes look fun, but shaky. There are a couple of diggers. Natalie looks hurt!

They all survive and have to go to a number of silly things including fake wrestling. This actually gets an audience. They learn how to fake wrestle and go through a stupid charade.

We won’t bore you with the silliness of everyone. But the first team was once again our least favorite. Ken and Tina. Ugh. They get a 7 night trip to Mexico. And they get a chance to sail in an America’s cup match race.

The rest of the teams in order.

Toni and Dallas

Terence and Sarah

Marisa and Brooke

The nerds made a mistake and took a taxi when they were instructed to go by foot. And despite it all, they are not in front.

Aja & Tye

Nick & Starr

The nerds arrive but incur a 30 minute penalty. That is practically a death sentence.

Kelly & Christy finish last, but they beat the 30 minutes.

The nerds are eliminated. Mark and Bill go home.

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