11/09 Season 13 Amazing Race Results: Five Teams Remain!

The Amazing race was to be in New Delhi, India.  There would be no plane rides today.  It was purely a race.

The game started out with a game that seemed somewhat dangerous, but it appeared everyone survived.  They were supposed to participate in a holi festival.  The people get peppered with colored powder as they climb a ladder to get their clue.  Some did come out an absolute mess though.

If you remember from last week, our least favorite team, Ken & Tina, that had repeatedly finished first prior to last week, finished last.  They lucked out thought, and it wasn’t an elimination round.  However, this week, they got a penalty involving a Speed Bump.  That is tough to overcome.

Nick and Starr broke out first and had to choose between two tasks named “bleary eyed” and “teary eyed”.  The contestants have to look for numbers strung along in the town.  In “teary eyed”, they have to carry two bags of peppers one mile to a store to crush the peppers, which are hot chilis, making the task a bit daunting.

Nick & Starr and Dallas & Toni hooked up and partnered to get it done.  Clever at this stage of the game.  Terrence & Sarah were the only ones to take Bleary Eyed.

As their speed bump, Ken & Tina had to serve everyone on the street water until no one wanted any more.  They did it but they were apparently in last place and stuck in traffic trying to get back to get their next clue.  They were a mess and upset about traffic, but trying to keep their cool.

Nick & Starr pushed on and finished first and won a vacation to Kauai.    We like their energy.  Toni and Dallas came in 2nd.  Their cooperation helped.  The Frat Boys were stressed and tried to get help, but the Divorcees were in no mood for it because they felt it was every man for themselves.  But they were both ahead of Ken & Tina and a pairing could have saved them both.

Ken & Tina moved past their speed bump and searched for numbers.  They unbelievably picked them up faster than anyone and left the Frat Boys and Divorcees behind.

In the meantime, the only team to take teary eyed, Terrence & Sarah, stormed in to position 3.

Ken & Tina overcame their speed bump to take fifth place.

The Frat Boys took next to last.

And the divorcees, Kelly and Christy that didn’t want to partner with the Frat Boys, well, they finished last, and this was an elimination week.  Their mistake cost them the race. Bye.

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