11/11 Dancing With The Stars: A Surprise Elimination, Benji & Lacey of SYTYCD

The Elimination

Sometimes it comes down to popularity versus talent, and we feel tonight’s elimination was not fair on a talent basis, but that is not how an audience always votes.

On a talent basis from last night, the judges and we pretty much agree that Lance was mincemeat, but the audience liked him and he stayed.

Cody and Maurice were left at risk.  We think of the two, Maurice did an overall better job, but got eliminated by the audience.  We believe there are a couple of reasons, the primary one is that Cody had to struggle with a new partner while his original partner, Julianne, was getting her appendix removed.  We believe the audience felt they could not eliminate Cody for that reason and we also believe Cody’s solo was better, so Maurice had to go.

Lance lucked out big time in our books though and he better step up his game or even Lacey won’t be able to save him.

The Show

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Lacey and Benji did a KILLER performance that was in line with the best you will ever see professionally and you can watch it here!!

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Codey Linley’s breakaway solo!

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