11/17 Dancing With The Stars: Analysis and Prediction

This is a huge week. Four teams left and each of them with a personality all their own.  We felt Lance was very weak last week.   He could have easily ended up on the plane ride home instead of Maurice.

Cody has been holding on, but is typically at the bottom and comes across as immature which can be offish to the type of audience this show attracts.  He has had to change partners two times.  That makes this a much more difficult task.

Brooke has been fantastic, but we don’t get a personality out of her.  She is just a dancer to us.  But she does have talent and flexibility that makes her look rather professional, albeit anonymous.

We finally realized what it is Warren portrays when he performs.  It had escaped us, but the lovable, awkward large character he portrays is a living Shrek.  He dances just like we would expect Shrek to dance in Shrek 5.   It makes him lovable, albeit of minimal dance talent.  He has a smooth technique, but the judges have been overly generous with him.  We don’t think that with any dancer other than Kym, he would have gotten this far.

So, let’s get into it.

Round 1:

Dance 1:  Brooke & Derek (7/10)

The couple had to dance the Jive, and it was energetic and fun.  Brooke falls off some stairs backwards into Derek’s arms, which is very difficult to master.  But from there on in the dance didn’t grab us.  In some places it looked like moves could have been missed, and even if they weren’t, the move that resulted wasn’t impressive.  This wasn’t up to Brooke’s standard.  Judges: 21.  Exactly on the mark, and we may have been generous.

Dance 2: Cody & Julianne (7/10)

Time for a Paso Doble.  Very unique choreography, but it didn’t help Cody loosen up.  And in fact, it was very difficult to identify what dance they were doing.  Sometimes, it looked right, other times it just looked like a free style or perhaps contemporary dance.  Cody was not perfectly in step either, which made it difficult to give him top scores.   He did some interesting moves, but they had little to do with the dance.  We think with the couple being back together after Julianne missing two dances, they should have stuck to basics.  Judges: 22

Dance 3: Warren (Shrek) and Kym (8/10)

Kym is the one that catches your eyes and makes the dance.  They give a ton of credit to Warren for capturing the audience, but without Kym, he is just a big relatively awkward guy that dances kind of flat footed.  But we give them credit.  They kept the dance what it was.  They didn’t get too tricky with leaps and throws.  They did a Mamba, which is what they were supposed to dance.  Judges: 24.  So far, the judges are in direct agreement with us.  That doesn’t happen too often.

Dance 4: Lance & Lacey (9/10)

Time for another Mambo, Lance & Lacey broke out in step and did a very hot Mambo.  The dance wasn’t overdone, which we like.  No crazy over the top moves out of chracter with the dance.  Lance was totally believable in his moves and was actually NSYNC (whoops, couldn’t resist).  He has also picked up some of Lacey’s style, which makes him stand out as unique.  Finally, his facial expressions come across as fun and endearing without being corny looking like Cody.  This was clearly the best of the four teams.  Judges: 28

Round 2

Dance 1: Brooke & Derek (8/10)

The Salsa can be hot, but it shouldn’t be too crazed.  There was a smart choice of costumes that had flash but not too much glitz.  The moves weren’t the best we have seen, but clearly Brooke was better this time and more in the groove with Derek.   There were no obvious major flaws except the spin at the end was too much and nearly broke off Brooke’s arm.  Judges: 28 (Over the top, just not that good, a 10 was way out of line)

Dance 2: Cody & Julianne (8/10)

The Salsa once again, and Cody started stiff.  They were in step, but the moves Cody performs, especially when he shakes his hips, just don’t do it for us.  There were a couple of missed moves, but some spins that required difficult hand moves and complex lifts and Cody pulled them off wonderfully, so he made up for the minor slips.  Finale was excellent.  Judges: 24.  Not fair that the judges differentiated Dance 1 & 2 by four points.  Major blunder and totally unfair.  The judges tend to lead the  audience and we don’t like it when they play favorites for no reason.

Dance 3: Warren & Kym (8/10)

Time for the Jitterbug.  Warren did some moves that once again made us think of Shrek.  Once again, Kym steals the show.  But warren was keeping up OK.  And he is very strong, which helps.  Kym exploits that strength to make some daring moves knowing Warren can handle it.  In the middle, Warren just looked awkward to Kym’s grace.  But he finished well.  Still very flat footed.  Judges: 25

Dance 4: Lance & Lacey (9/10)

This week is Lance’s to lose.  Can they Jitterbug to the finale?  Once again, Lacey choreographed a dance that was pure Jitterbug.  Fun moves, but no major deviations from what we would expect in the dance.  That is very smart here.  Don’t overdo it.  A lot of the Jitterbug is expression, and that is Lance’s strong point.  Fast footwork didn’t hurt until he was so fast, HE LOST HIS SHOE!!  He kicked the shoe out of the way and kept right no going without missing a beat. End was great.  We loved it.  Judges: 28


OK, we are pretty much in agreement with the judges.  They severely overrated Brooke’s second dance though.  Our scores put Lance way out in front, Warren second, and had Brooke and Cody in a dead heat for going home.  The judges gave the edge to Brooke, which we really did not agree with this week.

We think the judges wills way the audience enough to send Cody home, and if you sum up past weeks, Brooke had better scores, so in the tie breaker, even we would send Cody packing.

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