UPDATED: 11/3 Dancing With The Stars: Recap, Prediction and Results

We are back as we said, now that Cloris is gone. That joke is over so we can move a bit in the real competition.

Warren & Kym (6/10)

Kym dances better than anyone, but Warren is huge. There is nothing else to say about that. He is strong, but extremely awkward. He looks like a guy trying hard at a wedding. One thing good tonight. He wore a vest to hide his stomach. Judges: Way too generous with a 21.

Susan & Tony (8/10)

Great outfits. Bullfighter style. Hand movement by Susan looks stiff. Kicks not very high. Some nice spins. A couple of interesting trick moves. Not sure if it was the outfits, but it was better. Judges: 24. Pretty accurate eh? The judges are getting better.

Maurice & Cheryl (8/10)

Nice start, playing up Maurice’s injury for all it is worth. Cheryl was the show. All eyes are on her as she moves to the max. Cheryl loses an earring, but it doesn’t phase them. As good as Susan and Tony. Judges: 25. Close again. Judges finally getting the gist of it.

Cody & Edyta (7/10)

Julianne had to have her appendix out, so a substitute was called in. Edyta would do what she could to keep Cody in the competition and we have to give them a break. The dance seemed well practiced, but not quite as smooth as we had come to expect from Cody. Steps were in time, some nice spins, but a simple dance. Good enough. If the judges give him a sympathy vote, we shall see. Judges: 22. Again, right on the money. The judges must be taking dance lessons.

Lance & Lacey (9/10)

Lacey had to duke it out with Lance for being a baby this past week, but hopefully they get it together. Nice lines in the dance. Lance complained about dancing barefoot, but did it nicely this week. Decent hand movement. Timing was great. We liked it best of the night.

Len shows he has no clue with his criticisms and disappoints us. We thought he was finally coming around. Judges: 25 (Len was the only 7 and an idiot, the other judges agreed with us).

Brooke & Derek (9/10)

Great swaggering start. Hands high and well formed. Timing right on, but kicks not knock out high. Graceful high leg drag and finale. We liked it too. Judges: 30. It was great. It wasn’t perfect. So perfect 10s is kind of silly, but still it was the best of the night.

Our choice for elimination: Warren & Kym (Can they keep Kym and just ship out Warren?).

But wait, we get a team competition where two teams of 6 get to dance 2 at a time go get an extra point in the scoring next week.

Team 1: (7/10)

The six teams together start very awkward and out of time. When they go into solos, they are OK, each team showing some strengths, but nothing knockout. Lance and Lacey came to the rescue at the end. Some moves were easily the highest quality of the night. Then the six went together again and it was once again awkward. Ending was the only thing in sync. Lance and Lacey saved the dance. Judges:20. Just about right. If it wasn’t for Lance and Lacey this could have been a disaster.

Team 2: (9/10)

Beautiful black gowns on the gals. Nice start in time. Much better timed thtan the first group. Warren was fighting for his life. Still don’t care for him much. But he was good tonight albeit a bit awkward. Maurice looked stiff and nervous, but the moves were hot with Cheryl. And Brooke and Derek topped it off with whipped cream. Finally of all 6 in sync. This almost looked professional. Judges: 29. A bit too generous, but they did win.

Still, despite this, Warren is the weak man in. But this could have place Cody at risk.

Results Night

So, we are down to the Final five and got a small surprise in the elimination.  We thought Cody would go after his poor performances both in the individual competition and the group dance.

The judges standings were:

6. Cody and Edyta
5. Susan and Tony
4. Lance and Lacey
3. Warren and Kym
2. Maurice and Cheryl
1. Brooke and Derek

But ultimately, the audience sent Susan Lucci packing.  Warren was saved by the Team dancing.  That second team was killer.

Well, on to our prediction for next week?  Hmmm.

If Cody doesn’t get back his original partner, he could go.  Warren could too.  Maurice is a big swing kind of performer.  Sometimes great, sometimes sad.  If he has one bad week, he could get sent packing.

Still, they made the top 5!!  Thankfully Cloris didn’t.

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