11/24 Dancing With The Stars Finale, A Clear Winner Emerges, and a Hip Hop Flop

T hey started the show reminding us of some of the best dances each couple had performed earlier in the season, and it was a great segment, because it reminded us of all the competitive pieces we had forgotten that brought the dancers to the finals.

Last week, Lance was the top of the heap. We felt he had a great chance this week and this was his competition to lose.

Tonight’s votes will count for half the total. Tomorrow in a final chance, the judges get to score the other half.

They had to draw numbers to see who would go first. Brooke drew the short straw and had to go first. If she wins going first, she deserves it.

Lance drew going second and Warren gets the finale dance of the night.

So, we will skip all the fluff and get to the competition. The first dance was a combo dance with all three couples dancing the Samba in the Samba Smackdown!

1. Brooke & Derek (8/10)

Derek started great, but Brooke was flat-footed and still. Then they started moving about a minute into the dance. Then, it started to get fun, but Brooke didn’t do it for us. Her knees wee bent and none of the splits or moves looked finale quality to us.

2. Lance & Lacey (9/10)

This is Lacey’s strong point, and she brings Lance into an almost Benjie style. He obviously has more style than any of the other dancers in this segment and the choreography by Lacey is spectacular.

3. Warren & Kym (7/10)

This dance is just too fast for Warren to keep up. He looks awkard and silly, and without Kym to offset his moves he wouldn’t be in the finals. People like his lovable personality, and we have to admit he won us over. But this is a dancing contest, not a personality contest.

Now the judges got in their 2c.

1. Brooke & Derek (28/30)

Way over the top scoring. How you could give that bent knees performance a 10, we have no idea. Lance was way better in this segment, so the judges stole away Lance’s chance if the audience listens to their influence.

2. Lance & Lacey (26/30)

This was sad. Lacey and Lance won this segment of the competition easily. It was more entertaining, better choreographed and had more style than Brooke & Derek. Could they possibly come back after winning a segment, and then losing in the judges’ eyes?

3. Warren & Kym (25/30)

Now, Warren & Kym did lose this round. No question! And it wasn’t close. The scores should have truly differentiated Lance from Warren here. They didn’t.

At this juncture, we had Lance in the lead, Brooke second and Warren a distant third.

So let’s get to the next segment. Free style. The couples get to choose their own dance. And the key here is to pick a memorable song and a dance that the audience has fun with.

1. Brooke & Derek (10/10)

Brooke & Derek chose to dance to “You’re The One I Want” from Grease. Their start was so cute with Brooke using her hand to look like a beating heart in Derek’s shirt. The moves were beyond cute after that; they were professional. Brooke was not missing a step. You have to see the performance to understand how professional this looked. Brooke was leaping off of the judges stands into Derek’s arms, spinning upside down in the very next move with a huge smile on her face as she realized she nailed it. The finale works into a dual tumbling role we cannot describe, so we will show it. Brooke didn’t miss anything; everything was perfect, fun and gave us a chill. We have not given any couple a 10 all season, and we have been under-whelmed by some of Brooke’s earlier performances. Not this time. It was the best dance we have seen on the show. Period. Judges gave all 10s, they agree, it was stupendous.

2. Lance & Lacey (8/10)

Lance & Lacey chose to do a hip hop in the free style. It is so out of character with the typical dance style in the show, and it just didn’t fit. Lacey can pull this kind of dance off, but hip hop for men has to have some butch moves, and honestly, Lance just isn’t butch. It starts off cute with some dancing behind the judges’ stand, but it went downhill from there. The dance never grabbed us. It had no strong theme, Lance couldn’t hit hip hop like we would expect if they really thought this was a finale dance, and most of all, it was just the wrong dance style for this competition. Judges: 27. They were kind.

3. Warren & Kym (9/10)

Warren & Kym did a more formal dance, at least at the start. Kym knows Warren is very strong. Lifting her is effortless, so the couple focused on lifts to get the most out of the dance. The way he can effortlessly spin Kym around made this a winner and placed them ahead of a hapless Lance in this round. Half way through the dance they changed costumes and picked up the pace. And the lifts, flips and moves were fast and furious. Every lift move was killer. Another dance you just have to see to believe. Judges: 28. Pretty much right on.

So who won?

Brooke brought it tonight. She won the night hands down on that last dance. Lance had his chance, but the hip hop choice in the freestyle was all wrong and done like an amateur. Warren showed us how powerful he really us, but it really served more to dress up Kym than to demonstrate his dance style.

We are calling Brooke the hands down winner tonight. It really wasn’t as close as the judges made it. If she doesn’t screw up badly tomorrow, Brooke takes home the trophy, but Lance and Warren are waiting to steal if it she does.

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