11/25 Dancing With The Stars Finale. It is OVER! Winner gets Perfect Score!

Was there a way for Lance or Warren to come back from their deficit to Brooke going into the final night.  Brooke needed a 24 to win, and Warren and Lance could pull off that perfect score for a shocker ending.

Third Place:

Lance & Lacey – Lance needed a perfect score to have a prayer.  They didn’t get it.  The audience didn’t give them the votes for that hip hop last night.

Second Place

Warren & Kym  –  Amazing Warren could get this far at 300 pounds, but Kym would have had to lift him over her head to win.

First Place

Brooke & Derek – Perfect score from the judges two nights running?  You can’t beat that.  Brooke takes the ugliest trophy in show business.

Our reader’s choice to win this year’s Dancing with the Stars with 54% of the votes is also Brooke Burke!

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