11/16 Amazing Race Results: Instructions? What Instructions?

This week was rather interesting, but the usual “everybody catches up to everyone else” scenario played out.  Despite head starts and varying arrival times on flights from India to Kazakhstan, the couples all ended up waiting for a chicken farm to open as one after another caught up.

Once the farm opened, two teams had the option of a “fast forward”.  The two teams that grabbed the chance were Nick & Star and Terence & Sarah.  Unfortunately for Terence, they would be subjected to eating a horrible concoction of sheep parts and he is a vegetarian.  This was a gargantuan error.  He could not finish the meat and the team had to return to the beginning.

Those that didn’t take the shortcut had to find a golden egg in a stinky house of thousands of chickens.  But they all mustered it one at a time.

They then had to dress as cows and walk through the city and drink milk out of a glass at a milk stand.  On the bottom of the glass was information as to where to find the next clue.

Ken & Tina made the milk stall first and were in great shape to finish 2nd at least, and Tina downed the milk.  But they then made a major blunder.  They didn’t read the directions they had been given that told them the clue was on the bottom of the glass.  When Tina finished, she thought there would be an envelope, but there was no envelope (because the clue was on the bottom of the glass) so off they went searching for another milk bar thinking they had the wrong one.

Toni and Dallas were next and drank their milk and READ THE DIRECTIONS, so saw the clue on the bottom of the glass.

Ken & Tina had to loop back and get the milk clue and fell behind a bit.  But they were still ahead of the Frat Boys and Terence the vegetarian with Sarah.

They were supposed to walk to the meat market in the costume and get some meat.  But once again, Ken & Tina did not read the instructions and returned the costume first.  They were supposed to wear the costume to the meat market.

As Toni & Dallas retrieved their meat, and departed for the final stop, they saw Ken & Tina and told them they had to wear the outfit.  Ken & Tina had to circle back once again and get their cow outfit again.

Toni & Dallas went on to the final stop.  Ken & Tina got their meat next.  The Frat boys in the meantime got their cow outfit and scampered around looking for the milk shop.

Terence and Sarah got their cow outfit and started their search, but were solidly in last place thanks to Terence’s preference for vegetables.  The Frat boys made it, got their milk and their meat and looked in good shape, but didn’t read THEIR instructions.  They were supposed to walk to their final destination and instead took a cab.  They reached the finish but were forced to walk back on foot to the milk stand and come back.  This added suspense as Terence & Sarah got their milk and meat and followed their instructions to a T.

The teams finished in this order, and note number 1…again!  Nick & Star were done before many others even got started with their Cow costumes.

1. Nick & Star
2. Toni & Dallas
3. Ken & Tina
4. Andrew & Dan
5. Terence & Sarah

Terence & Sarah are done. They were eliminated.  Terence could not eat the meat concoction, and had he been able to, they would not have been eliminated.  The mistake was choosing to take the short cut and eat the food.  You can’t be picky about what this show will throw at you in a short cut!!   It would be the most costly mistake of his life.  Doubling back cost them the race.  Down to 4 teams now.

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Have Some Fun, Crash Our Website With DIGGs!

We have been reading that some sites have been literally brought to a halt by DIGGsWe don’t believe it is possible.

From what we can see, the DIGG crowd is very limited and to believe they could deliver anywhere near enough hits to a website or blog to crash it is beyond us.

So this is a challenge, we are asking you to digg this article to death.  Literally.  Take us down with DIGGs.

We greatly appreciate your help in this experiment.  Be sure to contact us and let us know you tried.

This is all for fun and curiosity, so thanks for helping us out and making things a tad more interesting.

George Bush And How To Get More Diggs

Are there ways to get more DIGGs? Indeed there are. It has been noticed that something as simple as the title can make all the difference. Key words like “Apple” and “Geek” are often found in titles for articles with numerous DIGGs. Or playing up to who the readers love and hate can help.  For example, it has been discovered that just posting articles that bash George Bush can have incredible success.  However, that isn’t enough, and the real truth on how to get more DIGGs is rather interesting.

We have often wondered about DIGG.COM. The reason? It is such a strong phenomenon. DIGG started as a web site for bloggers to help find other bloggers. A neat idea, but it has expanded hugely and its popularity has exploded. Once commercialized and popular, though, the rules for accumulating DIGGs changed dramatically.

We would expect this to be the case that as such a site advances in popularity.  Obviously, there are major challenges and opportunities for a site such as DIGG. We have accumulated a number of ways to improve your hit rate and an article to explain how DIGG works in the newer more commercial internet.

Our part 2 will tell you more! If you would like us to continue our story, please DIGG this article.

President Elect Barack Obama: The Internet Genius Integrates Youtube! Watch Here!

Obama has brought us all something so new that seems to make so much sense and is of such brilliance that it kicked us in the proverbial pants.


Over the course of this election, Obama has captured the minds and hearts of so many Americans.  We have witnessed people that would seemingly defend him to the death, and that are angered by even the slightest notion that Obama could be wrong on any issue.

We have come to see how brilliant this man is, and while his campaign was magnificently run, that campaign could never have been as successful as it was if he was not the center of that effort.

This is the greatest new idea by any politician in modern times. Obama has begun what is intended to be a weekly Youtube event!  This is the first consistent use of Youtube or the internet to continually communicate with Americans about a politician’s  plans, policies and progress, and it is by the President Elect.  It is so incredibly powerful, because it can be watched at your leisure and on a medium the entire internet has come to adore.  It also brought him into our home in a way no other medium can.

Our congratulations go out to our new President, but most of all, we want to somehow convey that this was an idea that demonstrates his great insight into the world politic and how it can be combined it with the world internet.

Here is Obama’s first address.  We hope to follow weekly commenting on their content.  We applaud this effort by the President Elect and hope it will serve America in the way we think it will.  It is clear that he is the first to truly recognize the power of the internet and that the love of such sites as digg.com, youtube.com, and google.com, among others, could be used to unite a nation and convey American ideals to the world.

Of Apple Users, Geeks, George Bush and the Politics of Digg

Are there ways to get more DIGGs?  Indeed there are.  It has been noticed that something as simple as the title can make all the difference.  Key words like “Apple” and “Geek” are often found in titles for articles with numerous DIGGs.  Even hating the right person can get you in.  Articles that attack George Bush are quite popular, even though they likely never get read.  However, that isn’t enough, and the real truth on how to get more DIGGs is rather interesting.

We have often wondered about DIGG.COM.  The reason?  It makes no statistical or logical sense that their system could work on a large scale.  DIGG started as a web site for bloggers to help find other bloggers.  A neat idea, but not a commercial one or one that could work on a large scale.   Once commercialized and popular, everything that gets “DUGG” is suspect.  And many so-called blogs now are full blown commercial web sites.  They are no longer the friendly blogs used by individuals to express themselves that they used to be.

We would expect it to be the case, given these circumstances, that as a site such as DIGG advances in popularity, a few successful blogs’ articles would repeatedly grace its top rankings and the masses would generally get ignored.  We would expect, over time, the model for getting DIGGs would change quite dramatically, and indeed it has. Our part 2 will tell you more!  If you would like us to continue our story, please DIGG this article.

DIGG buried it because they don’t want you to know.

11/11 Dancing With The Stars: A Surprise Elimination, Benji & Lacey of SYTYCD

The Elimination

Sometimes it comes down to popularity versus talent, and we feel tonight’s elimination was not fair on a talent basis, but that is not how an audience always votes.

On a talent basis from last night, the judges and we pretty much agree that Lance was mincemeat, but the audience liked him and he stayed.

Cody and Maurice were left at risk.  We think of the two, Maurice did an overall better job, but got eliminated by the audience.  We believe there are a couple of reasons, the primary one is that Cody had to struggle with a new partner while his original partner, Julianne, was getting her appendix removed.  We believe the audience felt they could not eliminate Cody for that reason and we also believe Cody’s solo was better, so Maurice had to go.

Lance lucked out big time in our books though and he better step up his game or even Lacey won’t be able to save him.

The Show

Please, this video took a lot of effort to set up.  If you like it, DIGG it at the bottom of our article so others can find it.  We greatly appreciate your assistance and comments.

Lacey and Benji did a KILLER performance that was in line with the best you will ever see professionally and you can watch it here!!

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Codey Linley’s breakaway solo!

Obama’s New Catch And Release Program

Obama’s latest brain child? Don’t just close Guantánamo, but bring the terrorists home for dinner in America.

In his most recent statement in favor of the outright destruction of the US, Obama wants to bring the Guantánamo prisoners here to America for trial.

This article has moved to its new home, The Lie Politic. Please continue reading by clicking here and you will be directed to the new site. Thank you!

11/10 Dancing With The Stars: Analysis and Predictions

The Ballroom Round:

Cody & Edyta (8/10)

The Fox Trot went off well.  Cody was a little rigid, but hit every move with Edyta.  Being the least mature of the pairs together, it was impressive how well they did.  We liked the performance and think it was top notch, and may have scored it higher had it been later in the night.  Judges: 24.  Exact agreement.

Brooke & Derek (7/10)

Derek started off with a foot placement issue, but their tango looked elegant enough.  The dance didn’t come across as entertaining though.  We were bored so gave them a lower score. Judges always love them though.  So we expect the Judges to look the other way.  But tonight only one judge got it right.  28.  Two of the judges gave them 10s for their slow and awkward steps.  Not sure what that was about.  Cody and Edyta were better.

Maurice & Cheryl  (8/10)

A Paso Doble isn’t new to Maurice, so maybe he can pull this off.  Some great footwork which is Maurice’s talent.  Wanted more upper body movement.  The finish was all Cheryl.  Liked it.  Not spectacular.  Judges: 24.  Again, the judges are right on.  Can we be that wrong about how bad Brooke & Derek were but be this right about this dance?  Hmmm.

Lance & Lacey (7/10)

Catchy tune, but will it be enough.  We are part way through the dance and bored.  It just has no spark.  We were waiting for it all dance, and we just didn’t get it.  The judges gave better words than we would have.  Judges: 26.  Generous and lucky considering what we saw.

Warren & Kym (8/10)

A tango could be difficult for Warren.  Warren looks like he is trying to hard, but Kym is just smooth in everything she does.  A couple of fun leg moves in the mddle showed Warren practiced.  Warren was better this week.  We can do 8s for him.  Judges: 28.  No way.  A 10 for this team was a joke.  10 is supposed to be perfection.  This wasn’t it.

Our strongest disagreement on Brooke and Derek who we found rather weak.

Time for the second round.  In the second round, a solo has to be done for 15 seconds by the challenger.

Cody & Edyta (8/10)

Hot start.  Catchy over the back flip move.  Energetic job by Cody.  Looked professional.  Cody was nailing this dance, but he had a slight drop of Edyta right before the solo.  The solo was a tad corny at the end, but cute.  He ended up leaping on the judges desk.  We rate it pretty high.  The judges just completely missed the jump and early flip move.  Kind of sad really that they seem to have already judged this dance lower. Judges: 24.  Pretty much right on, if they aren’t generous with 10s in dances that don’t merit it.  Note that Julianne will be back next week.

Brooke & Derek (9/10)

Brooke had a great solo, which makes her stand out.  Fast hands, much better dance this than the first.  It was fun, fast energetic and Brooke she has moves.  This was their big dance and clearly moves them up in our rankings.  Judges: 27.  Closer to reality.

Maurice & Cheryl (8/10)

Paso Doble.  Lines look good, but we don’t like Maurice’s facial expression.  Nice cape exchange giving Maurice a chance to shine in his solo with a prop.  Nice ending.  Top notch.  Judges: 24. Once again, right on.

Lance & Lacey (7/10)

The Samba.  Lacy is great, but we are not sure about Lance.  The solo didn’t do it for us.  Lacey isn’t at fault, but we just can’t rate this as high.  This puts Lance at risk.  Can the judges see it differently?  Judges: 24.  Too generous after that solo.

But don’t miss tomorrow.  Benjie Schwimmer (2006 Winner of So you Think You can Dance) will be dancing with sister Lacey and they are always amazing.

Warren & Kym (7/10)

The Jive.  This is a dance Kym can pull off, but it makes Warren looked a bit silly.  His solo just looked like a spazzy end zone dance.  We thought it was cute, but boring overall and rather strained.  Judges: 26.  Way out of line.  It was just not good.  Unclear what they see in Warren.  We just don’t.

Our guess from the brown nosing the the judges did, Lance is at risk and we would send him packing.  However, the judges had Cody and Maurice at the bottom due to some ridiculously over-ratings of Warren and Brooke.


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