The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be A Great President

We have summarized here the top ten reasons we feel could make Obama a stellar President for America.

We are impressed by America’s solidarity in this election event.  America was brilliant and convicted as they made their selection.  There were no issues with falling chads or other nonsense that could have clouded the result.  America made its voice heard loud and clear to the entire world.  Those that voted for Obama should commend themselves for having the insight and hope America needs.

It is our intention to follow each reason we list here with an article that sums up our explanation.  If you feel you have more positive reasons you would like to add to our list, please submit them in your comments.  We would be happy to incorporate them if they aren’t something redundant or negative.

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11 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be A Great President”

  1. Please realize that I’m a registered Republican, but I have always tried to vote for the person who I believe is the best for the job, whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican. I voted for Obama because he is the best person for the job. As a country, we should always try to put our best and brightest people in high positions. I don’t know any Joe Sixpacks that I would want running our country. And as a country we shouldn’t let them get close to it.

    I believe that once Obama takes over the nation, he will undoubtedly be a great president. He is after all following in the footsteps of one of our greatest presidents Teddy Roosevelt. Graduating from Harvard at the top of his class and going on to get his law degree at Columbia; Exactly like Teddy did.

    He has shown a tenacity and intelligence that I have not seen in a politician since the 1960’s. There is no one that I can think of in the Republican Party that even comes close. Barock is a student of history; something we need as a country, after 8 years of people repeating history.

    He’s a far cry form a C- student Bush was or the D- student that John (fifth from the bottom) McCain was. It will be nice to have an A student running things. No more C students as president.
    It is our duty to see that he has a chance to improve this country. I feel that just his election has already gone a long way to improve us.

  2. Re: The Top 10 REasons Obama Could be a Great President:

    I think Barack will change the derisive language and acts, He has and will show a respect of others. And thus, perhaps teach the nation to be more respectful. I wonder what bullying police officers think of black people and “other” people now.

    He will be mindful of hate speech in his administration’s deliberation, private and public. That, as the following petition to Congress tries to explain, will be addressed: respect to opposing opinions, and NOT DESTROY someone; and Pres. Obama will not work in secret, and will tell the truth to the public on issues. That will show, at last, respect for the disenfranchised Americans (95% of the public) in the last eight.

    Can one see the GOP administration doing that?.

    During his administration, I think he will bring back accountability to the executive branch, not that he would need to explain such audacious gall as to ignore subpoenas.

    I don’t think it will take weeks and 59,000 protest letters and signatures to petition Congress to speak up against and/or censure one of its representatives for dirisvive language, as the following post applies re Rep. Michelle Buchmann’s attacks on Senator Obama, and those she was told to attack in Congress. I know we won’t hear his administration disrespect the public by using those endlessly recycled “talking points” propaganda memes nor those derisive code words to rile the public.

    Barack Obama has shown he can win an election without smearing the “other” side, as the GOP has used at every turn.

    I think Pres. Obama will always use respect in the country’s affairs: fairness, thoughtfullness, cerebral not gut reactions.

    * * * *
    Letter accompanying my signature on the re Petition to Congress to censure Michelle Bachmann (11/07/07):

    Please, stop the frat “girt”, us v them mentality and thuggery. Censure Ms. Buchmann now. Her school yard na-na-nas are very telling –and the GOP lost the elections because of 8 years of that—and for worse actions wrought from that mentality: Gutting the Constitution that protects all Americans—from GOP-like thuggery: HUNDREDS OF VIOLATIONS AGAINST THE LAWS AND “VALUES” THAT AMERICANS AND OTHERS HOLD PARAMOUNT.

    How can we call ourselves a beacon of democracy to the world of many colors and religions when our own (ahem) representative spews such hate, even directing that hate to our own people of different cultures. Rallying the crowd to envenom a mob.

    We had eight years of that and look where it got the GOP, this nation, AND THE WORLD ECONOMY: by widening the gulf between the haves and have-nots to this financial collapse.

    Well, those “other” countries and cultures understand that and THEY DON’T LIKE U.S.

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as Arethra Franklin pointed out, is the lynch pin, especially to the males of other countries. Even, say, Greece. And is the penultimate concern of the M*slim males.

    To other culture’s males— and Americans, ‘respect’ is of paramount concern. This ‘respecting others’, I claim, is the lynch pin to better relations among Americans.

    Giving all largess to the already wealthy and connected (I researched that it has been unfettered ALL— in the last 8 years) is part of the GOP’s disrespect to all others. And the “others” responded by defeating the GOP, crushing the whole lot of them.

    So too, with other cultures. Other cultures see our ugliness to our “different” people as disrespect towards themselves (BTW words do matter, let alone the B*sh administration’s ignominious actions.that disrespected the Iraqis, AND also the American public, by exploiting the populous as inconsequential serfs)—by that sort of audacious gall by these same untraveled, incurious B*hes and Buchmanns who castigate, disparage, and disrespect the “other”. It is a ..

    Psychological definition of an inferiority complex. To make the so aflicted feel superior. And includes those, that feel inferior, to blindly follow anyone who will accept them, even if they are exploited by their idol.

    IMHO: Trying to change the hearts and minds of populations can not be done by disrespecting the THEMS. Especially to the male psyche. We Americans must understand how much other cultures prize RESPECT. It is a lynch pin to attracting, while Rovian tactics use condescension and disrespect that only fuels animosity. Dividing this nation and pitting other nations against us.

    Good going, Rep. Buchmann, it tells more about you than whom you castigate.
    Concerned Citizen

  3. @obamaisnopresidentofmine

    Making statements such as “He is a radical socialist that will tear apart this nation and destroy small business.” and “You are retarded liberal” are merit less claims. Your arguments would be more effective if you had evidence to support your accusations and you did not resort to name calling to make a point. In order to have a dialogue, regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are on, you have to know why you believe what you do and how to support your claims. Anything short of this seems childish and uninformed.

  4. Originally Posted By voiceofseasonsNo president of yours? Well Gov Palin is waitng for you in Anchorage. I am sure you guys can still seceed if she wants.

    Like I said, if you DIGG this article you are a retarded liberal. Shoot, you that can’t even spell the word secede!

    Do you liberals know anything at all about the truth? Palin’s husband belongs to an organization where some members at some time believed in secession from the Union. Neither she nor he ever stated that they supported that notion.

    Obama has associated with terrorists. Does that make him one? What a dope. Proving my point about liberals in general.

  5. Any person that DIGGs this article is a complete moron.

    Obama is a complete liar and won based on false promises. There aren’t any reasons he would make a good president. Not one! Liberals and radicals that voted for him are fools. Those not liberal and radical that voted for him are just plain stupid.

  6. Oh c’mon. What kind of web site is this? Obama got elected by lying like hell to the masses and by playing up to a media that has been against the Republicans on everything for decades.

    He is a radical socialist that will tear apart this nation and destroy small business. The huge layoffs and market collapse are all in anticipation of his election. The markets see how stupid America and deluded America is.

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