Why The GOP Spent $150,000 for Palin’s Wardrobe

During the Presidential campaign, the Democrats found this tidbit of information regarding Palin.

We found it amusing because Obama took in well north of 600 million dollars in his campaign.  As a percentage of that amount, this was .02%.  Read that again.  .02%.

Most of the items the Democrats qualified as wardrobe were props for appearances in various parts of the country, worn for the appearance and returned or given to charities to help cancer, orphaned children, etc.  We would like to see Obama give back his 600 million to the poor, or John Edwards return his $1250 for his haircut to feed a starving child.

But the Democrats have made it a historic article, even though the election is completely over.

Let’s put this in perspective.  If Sarah had earned this much in a year, Obama would have given her a tax cut.

One liberal rag even published this article that poses a lie about Sarah that she wants to be the ambassador to Africa.  This after more lies about comments she made about Africa.  They then blocked all comments from readers.  The man that wrote the article isn’t worth the dirt on the bottom of Sarah’s borrowed shoes.

The same political rag published this nonsense about Africa. The writer looks like she is 12 and writes like it is her IQ.  Get something real to say guys.  There are important issues.  Lying about Sarah and imaginary people doesn’t help your cause.

Get over it dudes, we know you liberals love Sarah, but the election is over.

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54 thoughts on “Why The GOP Spent $150,000 for Palin’s Wardrobe”

  1. The liberal responses on here are so hysterical. Your candidate, Obama, just gave his excess campaign contributions, money given to him to get him elected, to his cronies. He had too much, so did he give it back to the contributors like he should have? No he bought presents and lined the pockets of his friends. Lying hypocrite.

    To Andrew:
    You are a deluded fool. The article referenced shows you half of Obama’s contributions came from unknown sources he would not disclose. If they were just from Joe Blow America why not just disclose it. Because he received monies from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, even two Palestineans from Hamas (Terrorists) in the Gaza Strip. You liberals are so easily lied to.

    To Bilbo: We lost this time because of several factors, including the war, and because people forgot how horrible a welfare state is. You will remember soon as will America as we fund ourselves into Socialism.

    To MPIP: You are a pathetic sot that has probably not accomplished a single real thing in your entire life. Did you get through high school? You do realize Palin is the Governor of Alaska with THE HIGHEST satisfaction rating in the nation. She is accomplished in so many areas of life, you couldn’t hope to scrape the dirt off her shoes. I suggest you use dictionary.com to figure out what illiterate means.

    To Everyone Else: Lame tries. The $150000 Wardrobe claim was a misleading complete lie. As are most of the things you read on the HuffingtonRoast.

  2. The wardrobe became an issue the same way John McCain seven houses became an issue. The Retardicans were trying to portray Obama as an elitist. So the correct question was asked, if Obama is an elitist then why spend 150K on clothes for Palin? Palin wo is supposed to the “hockey mom” then why the RNC felt the need to make her over?

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