1/20 American Idol Audition Continues: No Standouts in San Francisco!

As the fourth most populous city in California, we had high hopes for San Francisco. Katharine McPhee and well, William Hung auditioned there! We were disappointed. The City by the Bay indeed drew thousands of aspirants but none were memorable enough to threaten the best ones we’ve seen in Phoenix and Kansas City.

Or was Fox hiding the best ones? Idol bragged about thousands and thousands of nameless faces who auditioned and they introduced 14 hopefuls on TV of which only 7 could at least sing. They mentioned in the end that 12 made it to Hollywood. We didn’t get to see the five others. Could there be a finalist in that 5 we didn’t see?

Hopefuls Stage actor Adam Lambert who was in the Broadway cast of Wicked, Bank manager Jesus Valenzuela, (another) music teacher John Twiford and the girls Bartender/Waitress Raquel Houghton and uh pesky Tatiana Del Toro from Puerto Rico would really have to work harder to survive Hollywood week.

For tonight’s show, they highlighted Kai Kalama who takes care of his ill mother at daytime and works as a musician at night. Like last week’s instant celebrity Danny Gokey, Fox played on Kai Kalama’s life story through the entire episode as a teaser. Just as well, he made it through to Hollywood.

This was perhaps the worst one hour American idol episode ever! They barely showed the 12 contestants who made it to Hollywood. Instead, they gave so much air time to jokes and crazies. We’re not sure which was more excruciating to see: watch contestants humiliate themselves or watch being humiliated by the judges. By the half-hour mark it just got really annoying where they spent close to five minutes showing Akilah Askew-Gholston and her disturbing way with words.

What was Idol thinking on this episode?! TV viewers deserved better!

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