2/18 American Idol Top 12, THREE ARE CHOSEN!

For us there was a surprise. We knew last night there were two standouts, and sure enough, our choices vaulted to the vaunted top 12.

There are often surprises when the audience votes though and one contestant made it through that surprised us. We felt that Jackie Tohn or Anoop Desai blew away Michael Sarver, and we also believe Michael just isn’t American Idol quality. He confirmed it with a mediocre performance again tonight. Still, he pulled down enough votes to make it, and we respect that.

The two top performers were Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace, and there was no question these are the two to beat. We don’t think anyone can. Without wanting to sound too cliche, it is theirs to lose, and we know where we would put our money in Las Vegas.

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Danny Gokey, Top 12
Alexis Grace, Top 12
Michael Sarver
Michael Sarver, Top 12

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4 thoughts on “2/18 American Idol Top 12, THREE ARE CHOSEN!”

  1. LOL, we enjoyed your comment Paul! Your suggestions are awesome! It should be Idol’s new rules next season, we agree. 🙂 The background stories are definitely a turn off just because Idol producers exploit the sob stories and hopefuls in turn can ‘capitalize’ on it… of course it may or may not work in their favor.

  2. They only opened up the phone lines this early to make money, the truth is most reality talent (hah) contests result with a mediocre winner that rarely makes it past a year in the business, sure there are exceptions, but those are few and far between. So here are my new rules that should be included for next year’s American idol (and UK’s X Factor). Must be able to sing, must be able to play one instrument well, must be able to compose songs, isn’t a dull performer, must stay anonymous so background stories don’t affect the votes, wears a bag over their head so looks don’t come in to it. You know how Cowell made it in the business? He had a novelty hit over here in the UK in the 80s -, him and his mate did a cover of a Jean Michel Jarre tune, but it consisted entirely of samples of dogs barking, a la the old “Meow Mix” ad, oh and they dressed up as dogs so no one would recognise them. You can delete this comment now lol.

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