3/26 American Idol Top 10 Results Night, Shrek Goes Home

No top performer from last night was eliminated. All our top ranked folks were save. But we have trouble reconciling the bottom three. The cut was not based on last night’s performances, but possibly overall perception of the performer and possibly perceived need to rescue a favorite.

The worst performers last night without question were: (Listen to the Full Studio recording at the end of this post)

1. Megan Joy Corkrey – For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder– For once in Megan’s life, she brought us no joy. Awful performance. She didn’t exploit her style well at all, and that is how she works around her weak vocals. When it came down to performing this song, she didn’t style it well like she has in past weeks and tried to just perform it straight up…and failed…miserably. If she hit on one more flat note, we likely would have had to retune our television. (3/10)

2. Lil Rounds – Heat Wave – Diana Ross – Lil had a major opportunity this week to demonstrate that she was a possible winner in this competition or a fading memory. Motown should be her style. She should have shown us there are no others that can do this like her. She fell flat on her rounds. The entire song was shouted. It was entirely off key, and even the choruses were missed. If Megan wasn’t worse, we would send Lil home. (3/10)

3. Scott MacInTyre – You Can’t Hurry Love – Supremes (Diana Ross) – Scott is tone deaf. He has to honestly not be able to hear himself sing. He is so horribly off key, and this is a song requiring the singer be on top of every note. It hurt to listen to him. He was sharp and flat throughout. The piano was the only thing in tune. The judges were kind. The only points he get is for a creative piano. (5/10)

sarver_motownIf the voting were actually based on last night’s performances, one of these three would have gotten the boot, but only one even made the bottom three, Scott. Despite a stellar performance, Matt was placed in danger and Michael, who finally didn’t deserve a berth in the bottom 3, got one.

Megan got a pass. And Lil too. Both deserved to be at least threatened with elimination. But that is not always how the votes go. Sympathy votes, rescue votes, and many factors come into play.

So, at least, as we watched the trio of Matt, Michael and Scott stand on the stage, we thought, at least the worst male performer of the night would finally get canned. But they saved Scott again. Week after week he delivers mediocre flat noted performances and yet someone is voting for him.

So now it was down to Matt and Michael. Now we have been hard on Michael and don’t believe he deserved to be in the final 13 in the first place. But last night, he did well when others flopped, and yet now he was pitted against Matt in the bottom two. That left only one possibility, Shrek had to go.

The judges patronized the audience by pretending to want to save Mike. Then Simon said buh-bye. The save vote session is so obviously contrived and pre-planned, just like the lip sync of the songs in the group performances this year.

If pitch matters, Lil, Megan and Scott better get some kind of musical hearing aid. We think Lil can get back on track, but we think Scott and Megan are at the bottom of the pack and will visit the bottom three again very soon.


Full Studio Recording

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