3/18 American Idol Results Night, Idol Tour-Goers Get Gipped

This was an important elimination round, because there were 11 contestants. And when it is time for the selected few to get on the bus for the American Idol Tour, only ten can go.

And tonight, there are 11 left, so whoever gets canned doesn’t get to go on the Tour,

In our review of last night’s show, we had four bottom performers.

Lil Rounds (6/10)
Scott MacIntyre (6/10)
Alexis Grace (6/10)
alexisgrace_top11Michael Sarver (6/10)

Now, if we had to take tonight’s result based on the weak performances of this group, we would ask ourselves who would we rather see on an American Idol Tour. In order that would be

Alexis Grace (6/10)
Lil Rounds (6/10)
Scott MacIntyre (6/10)
Michael Sarver (6/10)

with Alexis and Lil being neck and neck. But Idol gipped America. They took out the best overall performer of the group and left us listening to a flat Scott MacIntyre or a dull Michael Sarver on the tour because of one weak performance by Alexis. Alexis did have a poor performance this week, and we did rate her in a tie for the bottom 3, The viewers, in general, tend to follow the judges’ lead. And when they are overly critical of a performance, it confuses the audience and discourages their vote. Alexis was eliminated from the competition tonight, but we know who we would lay our money down to see in concert, and you would have to pay us to go see Michael or Scott.

Alexis had the chance to be in the top 5. If either Michael or Scott make it to the top 5, we will be very surprised in deal. We hope that, unless Scott pulls off a vocal miracle, that his flat vocals are gone next. Sarver could go as well, and no one would miss him. But Alexis? She got our 6/10 because her performance was weak. We are disappointed, but it did show that one bad week could send anyone home. Well, except Danny Gokey! We think he could sing like a frog and get through at least once. LOL.

top11_americanidolWe would like to add a couple of general comments about the show. The lip synch performance week after week is ridiculously corny and obvious. The commercials for Ford are getting tough to take. Idol should get a decent sponsor, like Ferrari! We would rather see the Idol driving a Toyota Corolla than a Ford Focus. The ads are a big yawn.

Finally, we would like the judges to shut up, or at least tone down the overdone bashing of contestants. While they introduce an entertainment factor with their theatrics, they constantly make comments that can lead to the demise of any contestant.

We think Scott and Michael are miles below Alexis in singing talent, and that, while Alexis had a bad week, she was top 5 talent and neither of these guys are close.

All that said, that is how elimination works. One bad break and you are done. So, you can’t have a bad week like Alexis did and not risk getting flushed. Bye Alexis. We will miss you.

Find out more about Alexis on our profile Spotlight on her.

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