4/1 American Idol Top 9 April Fools Results, Megan Joy Goes Home. No Joke!


Gauging from Megan Joy’s demeanor through out the show, it seemed she knew she was doomed to go home. That or she had a dose of what Paula seem to be on some of the time. She was just acting too peculiar making strange faces, uncomfortable sounds and some weird movements.

As she stood there awaiting her result, Ryan asked “how do you feel about what Simon said last night?” (Simon thought her performance was boring, indulgent and monotonous!) She quipped sharply: “I love you, Simon but I don’t really care.”

From last night’s recap we had two out of three right in the bottom:

Anoop Desai – “Caught Up” – Usher — Anoop is no Usher. He can sing, and belted out the song well, but he does not have enough soul to pull off the performance of a song like this. He did not connect with us and we were glad when it was over. (5/10)

Anoop snapped back before the judges after last night’s poor performance that he wants to be an R&B artist. We’re too kind to comment but good luck with that Anoop!

Megan Joy Corkrey- “Turn Your Lights Down Low” – Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley — Megan is neither Lauryn Hill nor Bob Marley, but we really thought she could pull this one out. She didn’t. Megan was off key and has lost her quirky character act that we like. There was nothing to remember, nothing to grab hold of and mostly nothing to vote for. (3/10)

Although we weren’t enthused with Allison’s performance either where we wrote:

Allison Iraheta – “Don’t Speak” – No Doubt — Allison left us with plenty of “doubt” on this performance. She started well, but as she got to the end she was singing too low and it didn’t suit the song. It was pitchy and didn’t showcase her great rocker style. We were very disappointed after last week. The judges criticized her outfit, and missed the fact that she sang the song poorly. (6/10)

meganjoyAmerica placed her for the second time in the bottom. Our last pick in the bottom was Matt Giraud. We thought Matt had a really poor rendition of The Fray’s “You Found Me.” He should have found himself in the bottom three so he would learn his lesson: stop trying to be somebody else- you can’t be Isaac Slade of The Fray or Chris Martin’s Coldplay. Stop singing that style of music. Keep insisting that and you will sure get nowhere in your career.

Now comes the judges’ shame save. Because of what Megan said earlier that she didn’t care, Simon retorted back that he or they didn’t care either so before she could even sing for her life the judges already made their decision. They said No. Megan isn’t going to be saved. She is going home.

We’re not sure Megan left Idol with a very good lasting impression. How she’ll turn this around remains to be seen.

There have been a lot of Idol contestants who put themselves in hot water by talking too much and trying so hard to defend themselves when critiqued by the judges. That is fine. Simon and the rest could be harsh. But the contestants seem to forget that they don’t have the upperhand in the situation, the judges and the voters do. To come out cocky, proud and a know-it-all would not help their case and would only alienate the viewers making them NOT vote for them at all.

Sometimes a right attitude is everything and keeping your mouth shut works too! So we shut up.

Bye, Megan. Caaaww, caaww!

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