4/15 American Idol on Tax Day, The Judges Waste the Save

The bottom three we picked weren’t quite the way it played out. However, we still think there are only two performers that can win this, Adam or Danny. There really is no one else and we could jump to the final today and save us all a bunch of bad commercial segments.

So, who got into the bottom three? Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. Anoop did not deserve it, Allison was weak last night and he was on the money. But we can also see that he likely doesn’t have much of a fan base because he just plain has no star appeal in his blue jeans and tie. We think he needs to come out next week with some pizazz. A tailored suit perhaps. Something to get people to think differently of him. The nerd look is getting old.

Anyway, Anoop was the first to be safe. Then the first bad mistake. Lil Rounds was safe. She was clearly painful to listen to last night and we dread hearing her again. But even singing in a flat pitch and screaming off key as she did last night, perhaps in this case, it was her professional look that saved her.

So, that left Matt. Matt cannot win. He is just plain not in the same league as Danny or Adam and he has been in the bottom 3 twice. The judges used their save this week to save someone that is likely to get eliminated next week in a double elimination.

The save was supposed to be only for cases in which the audience got it completely wrong. Like when they eliminated Daughtry against mediocre competition. A save should have only been used if something shocking happened like Adam was at the bottom. Then, you have to save him, because the audience got it totally wrong.

Well, Matt was saved. Lil Rounds is safe. Everyone is safe. Lil should go home. Matt, Anoop and Kris round out the next crowd to get eliminated. But Kris could give Allison a run on a good week. And then the finale. Danny versus (gulp) Adam.

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2 thoughts on “4/15 American Idol on Tax Day, The Judges Waste the Save”

  1. There is no waste when Adam who has been in the entertainment biz for years…stays.

    American Idol ADAM played Arty on Home Improvement Nick at nite on NOW as I post this. It’s the episode where the youngest learns karate. How odd that on Night 1 they blew him up and he was the ONLY 1 w/ special effects!!!

    So, let me say Adam should be in the entertainment business, he’s been in it long enough. But for him to stay a moment longer is as insulting as ANYTHING. the show is about giving people a chance who are cold off the street A CHANCE TO MAKE IT.

    Sure, why not go ahead and put Carrie Underwood on their to win this year’s show. Why not? If Adam stays, the show is a total waste and a scam.
    Kick Adam off now.

    Get the phone calls in for you Favorite NEXT WEEK. Remember that the judges can and do go in their room and vote. I have heard Paula on national TV state she goes in her room to vote. That means they all go in and vote. And they all have assistants…that can vote, too.
    So how much does your vote count?

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