4/28 American Idol Rat Pack Standards From the Top 5: Simon Has Swine Flu and Rap Is Crap

We have to believe for the first half of this show, Simon was completely congested. His ears had to be blocked to not hear what we heard.

That said, we may sound dull, but we have to repeat ourselves. There are two people in this competition. Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. We like Danny better because he is more pure. Adam is already a professional, which gives him a slightly unfair advantage. However, Adam’s range is the strongest male range we have heard on this show and for that, he is so far, the victor.

That said, we have to laugh when the judges say that any artist chose the wrong song. Tonight, the producers chose the wrong show!! Dullsville. No artist made us swoon, nothing kept our yawn from dawning, and there was little excuse for choosing an out of character Jamie Foxx to critique the singers. He had no clue and has less singing talent. Rap is Crap and until Idol has a rap night, we stand by that statement. (Audio performances at the end of this post.)

1. Kris Allen – The Way You Look Tonight — Kris sang everything on key, everything we well presented, he was cute throughout. The judges all seemed to like him. So, is it the show, or did we find him 100% dull for a reason? (7/10)

2. Allison Iraheta – Someone to Watch Over Me – Allison nailed this song. It was an incredibly strong vocal and demonstrated Allison’s range well beyond being a pure rock star. The only possible flaw was it was not in her niche, but that makes it all the more amazing. All the judges saw it but Simon, whose swine flu was showing. (9/10)

3. Matt Giraud – My Funny Valentine — OK, now Matt is not our favorite and he did a nice tune here, but he was outclassed. He had some stellar moments, but overall put us to sleep. Kris can’t win, Matt can’t win, Allison has a prayer if she kills it. Matt or Kris should go home. (7/.10)


4. Danny Gokey – Come Rain or Come Shine — This was a great week for Danny because he has soul, and this kind of music can be soulfully delivered, but Danny took parts to a level we never expected. This was a performance we could listen to a million times. (10/10)

5. Adam Lambert – Feeling Good (Muse Version) – Adam’s range is incredible. There is no doubt, if you go based purely on range that he is the best singer Idol has ever seen. He sang this song with strength and conviction, and gave it a Broadway twist, we loved it. We liked Danny a hair better, but still… (10./10)

We think Kris or Matt should go. We don’t care which. Allison, we would like to see present her challenge to the leaders. She has a magic that is hard to define for a gal 16 years old.

We hope Simon gets over his swine flu, but in many people’s eyes, he will always be…swine.

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