4/29 American Idol Top 5 Results, Adam Lambert Elimination Shocker?

The show really started when they picked the bottom 3. As we expected, there was no surprise when Matt and Kris ended up in the low crowd. And as we expected, Danny was easily in the safe group. We said last night that Allison was fantastic and that Simon was way off the mark, and it is possible that the audience so strongly disagreed with him that it worked in her favor and put her with Danny, sitting safe, high and dry.

The only surprise, but not all that much, is that Adam ended up likely coming in third. Danny beat him in the votes. Allison did too. It shows he is not invulnerable and if he gets too cocky, he could lose even with his range. Many feel Daughtry got cocky and he went at number 4, and Taylor Hicks, clearly an inferior talent, won the year. And it is not clear at all that Allison and Danny are inferior talents to Adam. A good night in the finals or a bad night for Adam and we could easily see a different #1 than most expect.

The three entered the stage and we got to find out that Kris was safe. Adam lost to Kris too. And now was in the bottom 2. This was not truly believable. We started to believe it was staged by Idol to make things exciting. We have suspected that Idol has done this in the past to build the ratings and suspense.

So, would it be the season shocker? No. Adam was safe and Matt goes home. It had to be Kris or Matt in our eyes and it was Matt. Adam was a suspense thriller likely staged by Idol to keep us on the edge of our seats.


All it proves is that Idol wasted the save on Matt. What if Adam had a fluke tonight and ended up at the bottom like Daughtry. The judges could not have corrected a truly flawed decision. Matt could not win. He is not in Danny and Adam’s league. Allison is. Kris, not really.

So, here we are. Matt is gone. The top four are what they are. No one deserved to be there more this year. These are indeed the best of the best.

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