4/8 American Idol Results: “The Search is Over” for Top 8. Scott MacIntyre is Over and Out.


Scott MacIntyre has stayed far too long in the competition. We’re still not over the fact that America has booted out Alexis Grace ahead of him and evenĀ  Michael Sarver. That was not right. Tonight, America finally got it right. We could not bear another week listening to Scott and show any more of his versatility that doesn’t add anything to his performances. He can’t sing.

He has great personality and good sense of humor but we are looking for the overall package here to be the next American Idol. Number one criteria is you must be able to carry a tune and carry it right if not perfectly. If you can’t, you have no place in the competition.

Scott’s search is over and he is going home. The pressure is on for Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud who are in danger of leaving next.

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