4/15 American Idol on Tax Day, The Judges Waste the Save

The bottom three we picked weren’t quite the way it played out. However, we still think there are only two performers that can win this, Adam or Danny. There really is no one else and we could jump to the final today and save us all a bunch of bad commercial segments.

So, who got into the bottom three? Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. Anoop did not deserve it, Allison was weak last night and he was on the money. But we can also see that he likely doesn’t have much of a fan base because he just plain has no star appeal in his blue jeans and tie. We think he needs to come out next week with some pizazz. A tailored suit perhaps. Something to get people to think differently of him. The nerd look is getting old.

Anyway, Anoop was the first to be safe. Then the first bad mistake. Lil Rounds was safe. She was clearly painful to listen to last night and we dread hearing her again. But even singing in a flat pitch and screaming off key as she did last night, perhaps in this case, it was her professional look that saved her.

So, that left Matt. Matt cannot win. He is just plain not in the same league as Danny or Adam and he has been in the bottom 3 twice. The judges used their save this week to save someone that is likely to get eliminated next week in a double elimination.

The save was supposed to be only for cases in which the audience got it completely wrong. Like when they eliminated Daughtry against mediocre competition. A save should have only been used if something shocking happened like Adam was at the bottom. Then, you have to save him, because the audience got it totally wrong.

Well, Matt was saved. Lil Rounds is safe. Everyone is safe. Lil should go home. Matt, Anoop and Kris round out the next crowd to get eliminated. But Kris could give Allison a run on a good week. And then the finale. Danny versus (gulp) Adam.

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4/14 American Idol Top 7 Movie Theme Night: The Slumdog Millionaire Idol??

It is “Cinema Theme Night” for the remaining seven Idol hopefuls. We are not sure what a movie Director like Quentin Tarantino can contribute in a singing competition as mentor but he was once a guest judge on Idol and his unique style in movie direction sets him apart from all other directors because of his apparent ‘ears’ for music, so there. (Audio Performances and studio version of the songs at the bottom of this page.)

Allison Iraheta – “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (Armageddon) – Aerosmith — Sad performance. Off key and dull. The judges liked it and had to be tone deaf to say it. We think they are trying to preserve the girl through a very weak performance. It wasn’t necessary. There would be worse to come. (6/10)

Anoop Desai – “Everything I Do” (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)- Bryan Adams — He hit did this song like he lived it. The advice he received from one judge was dead on the mark and his vocal was tremendous. We have to say, he has a chance of getting to the final 3 if he can be less erratic. Anoop needs to stop looking like a geek. He wore jeans and a tie. Pathetic outfit for someone with this potential. (8/10)

Adam Lambert – “Born To Be Wild” (Born to be Wild)- Steppenwolf – Adam is the winner of this year. He is so powerful vocally that it is hard to imagine anyone having the vocals to beat him. This performance was a bit corny and self-indulgent, which kept it from getting 10/10. But how can anyone beat that scream? Adam sounded exactly like Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin doing this song, but Robert Plant needed a studio to do it. (9/10)

Matt Giraud – “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” (Don Juan) – Bryan Adams– Interesting and boring at the same time. Outclassed by Anoop and Adam, he will likely be in the bottom 3 despite some falsetto moments. We did not like it. No chills, no thrills. (6/10)


Danny Gokey – “Endless Love” (Endless Love) – Lionel Richie & Diana Ross — Danny is the one we had originally winning this competition, and he is the only one that has a chance of beating Adam. So how did it go this week? This wasn’t it. It started off pitchy and advanced into boring. The enunciation of the words was poor. There were some highlights in the chorus that drove it away from any chance of elimination, but it wasn’t a miracle. (8/10)

Kris Allen – “Falling Slowly” (Once) – Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova¬† — Kris did not bring out his instruments and just sang. It was a mistake. He started off pitchy and blew being in the final position. The song was boring, so unless your vocal is spectacular it becomes horribly unmemorable. He hit some nice notes. It was interesting at moments. But he bored us to tears. (6/10)

Huge (Lil) Rounds – “The Rose” (The Rose) – Bette Midler– Let’s call a spade a spade . There is nothing Lil about this gal. It starts off pitchy as has been Lil’s fault for weeks. She looks great, but fails to deliver on the notes. We think of the original and this not only pales in comparison, we found ourselves hitting mute at times because it hurt to listen to. Simon was dead on. Off key and hard to listen to. Rounds fought back, and she just looked pathetic. (4/10)

Based on our judgement. Lil has to go. She was just pathetic. Allison was at risk until Lil sang. Kris was too. That is your bottom 3.

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4/8 American Idol Results: “The Search is Over” for Top 8. Scott MacIntyre is Over and Out.


Scott MacIntyre has stayed far too long in the competition. We’re still not over the fact that America has booted out Alexis Grace ahead of him and even¬† Michael Sarver. That was not right. Tonight, America finally got it right. We could not bear another week listening to Scott and show any more of his versatility that doesn’t add anything to his performances. He can’t sing.

He has great personality and good sense of humor but we are looking for the overall package here to be the next American Idol. Number one criteria is you must be able to carry a tune and carry it right if not perfectly. If you can’t, you have no place in the competition.

Scott’s search is over and he is going home. The pressure is on for Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud who are in danger of leaving next.

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