5/23 American Idol Dominates Itunes Top 100 Downloads Chart, Kris Allen’s “No Boundaries” in No.1 Spot

24 of the current Top 100 iTunes downloads is from American Idol Season 8. If we add past American Idol contestants, that is another 7 – 31 pop tracks total in the iTunes chart.  David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Jordin Sparks singles are among included.

As of May 23, 2009 Kris Allen’s single “No Boundaries” is number one on the iTunes downloads chart beating finale rival Adam Lambert’s own version of the same song currently in number 16 spot.

“No Boundaries” is an original song written by Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, along with Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allan. When the song was first heard on the American Idol finale, Simon wasn’t impressed and laughed on the lyrics of the song. Most bloggers followed suit and called it among the worst songs ever written for Idol. With a strong lead in the iTunes chart, who is laughing now?

Overall, Kris Allen’s 12 American Idol performances is in the Top 100 with 4 songs in the top 20. Adam Lambert on the other hand has only 9 songs in the chart with “Mad World” at its highest in number 6 spot. Interestingly, only one of Danny Gokey’s songs is in the charts; “You are so Beautiful” currently in number 75.

These numbers of course changes from week to week yet no matter what most people say about how American Idol’s popularity and spark is dying beats the charts in contrast.  American Idol still clearly dominates the pop charts and that says a lot to a 6 year old reality television show.


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2 thoughts on “5/23 American Idol Dominates Itunes Top 100 Downloads Chart, Kris Allen’s “No Boundaries” in No.1 Spot”

  1. Whoa, hold it right there mate! The whole point of this article is American Idol’s current fare in the iTunes chart given that its detractors are saying its spark is dying… We mentioned Kris SONG because at the time the post was written, it was on number one spot. Adam never made it to number one, that is fact. Today, 5/27 kris’s single is at number 2.The post is talking about the iTunes TOP 100 downloaded songs- songs NOT albums. What is your issue? Besides that, if you are a follower of this blog- we have been rooting for Adam from day one… 🙂

  2. So kris doing better? If your argument is correct then you might need to take notice that Adam’s AI8 collection is at no2 in the album charts in US and Canada, beaten only by Eminem, and doing a lot better than Kris’s collection. Best to be more circumspect and wait long term before you acclaim the real winner!

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