Brandon Bryant and Natalie Reid So You Think You can Dance 5 Audition Videos


UPDATE: Natalie Reid was cut! C’mmon! and at a jazz routine where Sonya Tayeh proudly asked Natalie and Brandon Bryant to dance the choreography and show everyone else how it is done. The couple were used as example and yet in the final performance, the judges didn’t like Natalie’s dance. Read more here.

Natalie Reid, 23 | Seattle, WA
Dance Song: “Breakdown More” by Eric Hutchinson

Brandon Bryant, 19 | Miami, Florida

Dancing to “O Fortuna” (From Carmina Burana) by Carl Orff, a powerful song that builds up in tempo and heighten ones emotions, Brandon so moved Mary Murphy that the latter couldn’t help but cry in admiration…

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4 thoughts on “Brandon Bryant and Natalie Reid So You Think You can Dance 5 Audition Videos”

  1. this is ludicrous.

    why the freak was she not allowed to “dance for her life”
    and they gave that stupid girl who sucked at choreography
    1 million chances. natalie deserved to be in the top 20
    this year! all of america was rooting for her, and they kicked
    her off sooo easily like if it didnt even matter to them.

    it was absolutely ridiculous.

  2. it’s an outrage that natalie was cut in vegas. me and my whole family were so happy that she came back this year and she’s simply amazing! what were the judges thinking?!!! it’s totally unfair how they expect so much out of the good dancers then cut them without a second thought when they don’t live up to their expectations. then they give so-so dancers chance after chance simply because they show potential?!! ahhhh!! anyone knows how i can complain about this to the show?

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