Catching up with the Amazing Race Season 14, the Final 3. Asian Sibling Lawyers for the Win!


After 12 episodes, 3 continents, 9 countries, 20 cities and 40 thousand miles of distance traveled, Amazing Race Season 14 concludes with new winners!

After 11 teams of two race around the world with one team eliminated each end of the leg, the finale has come down to three competing teams: A team of siblings/lawyers, mother and son and friends/former NFL cheerleaders.

They need more than physical strength to win. More importantly they need the mental agility to cope with both pressure and stress in performing the tasks and challenges in stored for them. In the end, Tammy and Victor were Victorious winning the coveted 1 million dollars prize!

Who were the Top 3 Teams?

THE AMAZING RACE 14Tammy and Victor: 4 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs (5 for the win!)

This duo of brother and sister seem to have everything going right for them. They’re smart, highly competitive and young enough to tackle any physical challenge that is thrown at them. Early on, they already showed that they could win the race. However, we’ve never liked them from day one. They remind us of ken and Tina of Season 13 whom we also dislike as soon as we saw them. Yet can’t seem to get rid of them! Ken and Tina managed to come in second last season.

Why we dislike them: We don’t like Victor’s know-it-all, smart-aleck attitude and pity Tammy for putting up with him. Victor places his sister in more challenges and criticizes her for her mistakes. If you know too much why don’t you do the task yourself?! Our favorite episode is that of Episode 3 where Victor took the lead, stubbornly won’t listen to Tammy that almost cost them early eliminations (we can only wish!). He sure was humbled by that episode.

The trip to China was clearly an advantage to the two because they could speak the language. They breezed through it all while others struggle. Thumbs down to Amazing Race for a poor planning, or were they thinking Tammy and Victor would have long been gone before the China race?

luke_margieLuke and Margie: 3 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs

This mother and son tandem is an inspiration to people with hearing disabilities. Luke was born deaf and his mother has been his ears to the outside world. They are in the competition to prove that any impairment shouldn’t hinder one from trying bigger experiences and challenges in life.

We really liked them in earlier episodes until Luke’s nastier side started to show. We can’t blame Luke for U-turning Amanda and Kris in Leg 4. They were obviously the stronger contender but did Luke really have to do that knowing that they were just ahead of everybody else and won’t be eliminated anyway? We didn’t think so. The u-turn cost Amanda and Kris the race. They were booted out of the competition after coming in last.

Then there was this scuffle with Kisha and Jen in Episode 9. Watching the clip over and over, it clearly shows the whole thing was started by Luke! Kudos to CBS for an unbiased recap of what happened.

Ok so Luke reacted on impulse by almost hitting Jen in the face. He jabbed his elbow towards Jen and the shocked Jen also reacted on impulse by exclaiming “Bitch!” Luke’s move was in fact dirty and he shouldn’t get away with it just because he is deaf! Jen was reacting to Luke’s awful move. What follows was even more ridiculous as Margie tries to defend her son!

They use Luke’s disability to get sympathy as Margie accuses Kisha and Jen of making fun of her son! Margie rants on giving an unsolicited and self-righteous speech. Kisha and Jen even offer their apology but the mother and son wouldn’t hear of it.

We believe Kisha and Jen handled themselves respectably and would have loved to have seen them in the final three except that we were also rooting for Cara and Jaime.

THE AMAZING RACE 14Cara and Jaime: 2 times in number 2 position out of 10 legs, never won a leg

The brunette NFL cheerleaders are clearly the underdog among the final three. They never won a leg and have always been the middle of the pack sometimes even at the bottom.

We like the two because they are very determined yet try not to step into the other team’s shoes unlike the other players. They do have a lot of tension between them during challenges but they make it work out for them in the end.

We didn’t think they would make it in the finale. There hasn’t been an all-woman winner in the Amazing Race and it would have been sweet victory for them to make history.

The winning edge:

“TAMMY & VICTOR WIN After getting off to a smashing start, mother and son Margie & Luke seemed to have victory within their grasp until Luke hit the Roadblock. Luke became frustrated as he watched his lead disappear as Victor surpassed him and, along with his sister, claimed the title of winner of THE AMAZING RACE 14.”

Luke and Margie had a very wide lead going into the last challenge. They really looked like they were going to win it with the confident Luke just breezing throught the memory challenge, one right answer at a time… until Victor arrived and then Jaime.¬† The two were closing in and Luke just lost it. He panics and couldn’t think straight. Victor finished first and that right there sealed the deal as the next stop WAS the last and final stop.

Tammy and Victor while not our favorite were the team to beat from the very beginning. They earned the prize and we’re happy for them! Congratulations!



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