Tiffany Geigel Shines Through in SYTYCD 5 New York Audition despite Spondylothoracic Dysplasia Condition


Tiffany Geigel 23 of Brooklyn, NY was born with Spondylothoracic dysplasia (or some blogs refer to it as Spinal Thoracic Dysplasia- an incorrect clinical term for the abnormality). It is a rare congenital condition “that results in dwarfism (short trunk), a prominent back of the skull, broad forehead, and wide nasal bridge, also results in severe respiratory problems from thoracic insufficiency syndrome. The skeletal deformities (ribs and spine) compress the area where the lungs should expand, making it difficult to breathe.”

Clearly that made her standout in the New York auditions. The judges used her for the show gave her their time and she had the floor to show America she can dance beautifully and the segment was over 5 minute long. What is odd to us is they allowed her to perform and seem to genuinely care about Tiffany. BUT why stop with a standing ovation and a clap? Why not give Tiffany something she’ll remember for a long time by having her at least do choreography?

Nigel obviously was waiting for the viewers’ reaction when he Twittered: “I will be interested in the feedback after people see Tiffany Geigle?”

That is something nobody would have given her the opportunity and she was already in the audition, right? If they let the two freaky guys who did “mutations” pass through choreography, why didn’t they give it to Tiffany? They would have scored in the audience’ eyes and excuse Nigel for his “homophobic” comments maybe? NOT! The “mutations” guys by the way begged off at the last minute to participate in the choreography round, all the more reason to have let Tiffany stayed for the choreography and give her the experience of a lifetime. We don’t get it.

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