Alex Wong First Solo Performance SYTYCD 5 Las Vegas Week

Alex Wong 22, Miami FL

Alex was first shown in Miami, Florida auditions in the contemporary montage of dancers that made it to Vegas. You can view it by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Alex Wong First Solo Performance SYTYCD 5 Las Vegas Week”

  1. Agreed with Alex100. Miami City Ballet missed a huge promotion opportunity. Instead of supporting their own dancer, they decided to look like jerks to everyone who watches SYTYCD. Alex deserves the best so I hope this works out for him & he wins it all!

  2. Miami city ballet should consider to allow Alex on SYTYCD. It’s good for everyone, a win win situation: A) MCB get a free promotion for its name by one of their brilliant dancers. B)Alex will feel fulfilled with all different dance styles to express himself. C) Most importantly, the entire world will have a change to enjoy his amazing performances –a best way to promote, encourage more younger kids to involve to dance !!!

    Please, contracts is written by people. We need to think outside the box

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