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SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight Caitlin Kinney

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Caitlin Kinney

Specialty: Contemporary

Hometown: Annapolis, Md..

Currently Resides: Annapolis, Md.

Age: 21


Is into B Boys: “I love Hok [from season 3], because I could never in eight million years do some of the stuff that he does. I love Phillip from this season. He’s fantastic. I think because I come from such a classical world, I’m drawn to people who are more classically trained, but then the total polar opposite I really love to watch too.” Korbi Ghosh,



Kinney graduated from the Baltimore School for the Arts in 2005. She danced at North Carolina Dance Theatre as an apprentice for two years and is an experienced gymnast. (FOX)

Caitlin’s signature move

Top 18 Results Night, Caitlin was in the bottom three and danced a solo to “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele.

Interview with Jonathan Platero

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