SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Janette Manrara


Janette Manrara

Nickname: Morena

Birthday: November 16, 1983

Status: Single

Specialty: Salsa

Hometown: Miami, Fla..

Currently Resides: Hialeah, Fla.

Age: 25

School: “I am still attending school part time at Florida International University. I am currently a Junior and have about one more year until I graduate with a Bachelors in Finance.”

Other talents/hobbies: “I love acting! I’ve won national recognition at national competitions as a Thespian. Starring in a movie has always been a big dream of mine!”

Favorite professional dancer/s: “Yulia Zagoruychenko and Desmond Richardson. I know they’re completely different, but they are both amazing!”

Choreographers would like to work with: “All of the choreographers of the SYTYCD family, because they’re all amazing! Especially Mia Michaels! Along with them I’d love to work with Yulia Zagoruychenko and Desmond Richardson. Working with choreographers of different styles is so rewarding for a dancer who is trying to expand their dance vocabulary.”

Eliminated: Top 8, July 23rd, 100th Episode


Dancer Profile:


Doesn’t condone giving up: “Last year I made it to Top 30 and that’s when I got told, no, which was a major bummer because I was super stoked. I was very confident, I thought I had it. But I learned that anything can happen and you have to be ready to hear yes or no anytime… I auditioned with my partner, Romulo Villaverde, both years. This year he made it to Vegas and he did really well. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to Top 20, but he’s auditioning for season 6. I just tell him, every year you’ve gotten better so just keep coming back!” by Korbi Ghosh,



Manrara began performing in musical theater at age 12, and started her formal dance training at 19, studying Ballroom, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz and Hip Hop. She currently attends Florida State University. (FOX)

Janet’s Top 10 Solo: “This is Miami” – Sander Kleinenberg

Janette’s signature move

Interview with Top 20 partner Brandon Bryant



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