SYTYCD 5 Profile Spotlight on Tony Bellissimo

Tony Bellissimo

Specialty: Hip Hop

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Currently Resides: Buffalo, NY

Age: 20


Says he’ll just keel over if he gets to meet Gordon Ramsay from “Hell’s Kitchen” but is a huge fan of several former SYTYC dancers too: “Love Jamile from season 1. He was amazing. I thought he was so good… Jamile, Twitch, Danny Tidwell, Kameron and all those guys are so good to me. And all the girls are so beautiful. They’re all so gorgeous, I can’t think! I’m like, I love them all, please don’t cut them. Cut all the guys. I want to see just 15 girls on the show and no guys!”

Inspired by his brother who passed on: “My older brother was involved in some things and lost a battle with drugs. But I learned from that… Our last conversation he said, your dancing is great, keep it up. So that inspired me.” by Korbi Ghosh,



Bellissimo has been dancing for most of his life. He is a graduate of Frontier High School, and played on the school’s soccer, football and lacrosse teams. He likes to write short stories and poems, and his favorite professional dancer is Barry Lather. (FOX)

Exit Interview

Tony’s signature move (“taken from the video ‘Bad’ “)

Interview with Top 20 partner Kayla Radomski

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