(VIDEOS) TV Guide: Watchmen Big Movie Premiere


Who’s watching the WATCHMEN? TV Guide Network, that’s who! Get all the 411 on the most anticipated comic book movie of the year. Meet the cast, go behind the scenes and see who walked the yellow carpet.

TV Guide Network spends quality time with WATCHMEN star Billy Crudup. Known for such movies as ALMOST FAMOUS and BIG FISH, Billy explains his character Dr. Manahttan. Plus, we check out the film’s action-filled fight scenes!

TV Guide Network continues its look at all things WATCHMEN! Find out how the actors adapted to playing crime-fighting heroes, and, the costumes that came with the roles!

TV Guide Network takes a look at the journey of WATCHMEN to the big screen! Find out why the movie went through a litany of big time directors and a-list stars over the past 23 years. Plus, more action from the movie’s yellow carpet.


To bring a movie like WATCHMEN to life, amazing special effects are a must. Find out how a team of talented effects artists made this the most distinctive looking movie to come out of Hollywood in years!

TV Guide Network talks to the stars of WATCHMEN at the yellow carpet premiere! Plus, Marc Istook gets a firsthand look at the arduous makeup process the actors go through as he becomes a WATCHMAN!


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