8/5 So You Think You Can Dance Finale Night, Last Top 4 Performances

This is it! After So You Think You Can Dance premiered on May 21, 2009 we have arrived to the end and down to the final performances of the fifth season.

We have watched the show week after week, hungry for stars to come out from these unknown dancers, hungry for big memorable performances but we sit here on the Finale and we are left half-full- unsatiated, not fully satisfied. We keep comparing STYCD 5 from last Season and the season before that- it really fell short.

The judges make up for that fact by saying they have the most technical dancers out of all season and everyone’s equal but Nigel also keeps reminding these dancers even towards the last six dancers that they are still looking for the “stars” to come out. The only stars we see coming close to being called that are Evan Kasprzak and Jeanine Mason. The judges would insist on Kayla Radomski being a star- she has been the ‘judges’ pet (esp Nigel’s) since auditions, we think otherwise.

Again, these are all amazing, great dancers but somehow the x-factor is slightly missing. There’s an ingredient we couldn’t quite pinpoint that was there in Benjie, Joshua, Katee, Twitch, Mark, Chelsie, and Courtney, even Lacey, Gev and Kherington.

We feel this Season is between Evan Kasprzak and Jeanine Mason becoming “America’s Favorite Dancer.” But America could shock us by picking out Brandon Bryant or Kayla Radomski in the end.

Our own personal pick stand between Evan and Jeanine. I think they have the most ‘winning star qualities’ one could look for in a talent.

These are the current standing:


Week: 6/11 6/18 6/25 7/2 7/9 7/16 7/23 7/30 8/6
Contestant Result
Brandon Bryant Btm 4
Evan Kasprzak
Jeanine Mason Btm 3 Btm 3
Kayla Radomski Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 4

Out of all the dancers, Evan Kasprzak managed to remain “safe” this whole time. This guy has never been in the bottom three! Brandon was in the bottom three once. Kayla have been there three times while Jeanine twice. If this is a predictor of how America votes, then Evan can win this competition.

>> Watch Brandon and Jeanine in a Paso Doble.

>> Watch Jeanine and Kayla dance together in a Mia Michaels contemporary

>> Watch Jeanine and Evan in a Sonya Tayeh Jazz piece


If you think otherwise then you have got to vote for your favorites! These are the numbers to call:

Brandon (View Profile)1-888-836 -7601

Evan (View Profile)1-888-836-7603

Jeanine (View Profile) 1-888-836-7602

Kayla (View Profile)1-888-836-7604

You have two hours to dial. Keep hitting those buttons!

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