Exclusive: Kristin Chenoweth Is Full of Glee

Kristin Chenoweth  | Photo Credits: Carin Baer/Fox

Recent Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth brings some literal glee when she guest-stars on Glee Wednesday (9/8c, Fox). Chenoweth plays April Rhodes, a boozy former classmate of Will’s who has a penchant for really young men. TVGuide.com spoke to Chenoweth about her uncharacteristic Glee gig, when she’ll be appearing on Mad Men and what really happened on Emmy night.

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TVGuide.com: Tell us about April.
Kristin Chenoweth:
April is a woman who was kind of “the deal” in glee in high school with Matthew Morrison‘s character. Let’s just say he calls on April for some “help.”

TVGuide.com: How did you like playing such a different role?
This part is…

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