SYTYCD 6 Profile Spotlight on Kevin KBez Hunte

Full Name: Kevin Christof Hunte

Nickname: K’bez

Specialty: Hip Hop

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Currently Resides: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 23

Professional work: International tour of China (Broadway play AIDA), featured extra in “Step Up 3D,” “BET Rip the Runway 2009”

Favorite professional dancer: Michael Jackson

Other talents/hobbies: play basketball, swimming, acting, modeling, and video games.

Looks up to So You Think You Can Dance Alumni: “Twitch because we are both Hip Hop dancers and to see a hip hop dancer adapt to so many different styles was amazing.”

Kevin Hunte has been dancing for nine years and cites Michael Jackson as his inspiration. He has performed with Lil Mama and Beyoncé. Hunte also models and has appeared in fashion shows.

How did it feel on the recent day with the press and photo shoot? “I feel like a celebrity. This feels great!” (FOX)

Dance Signature Move:

Having lived the life of a dancer for some time now, Kevin really wants to make the Top 10 and is excited to see how America views him: “I’ve been teaching, auditioning, trying to book jobs. You know, that’s what most dancers do. Hopefully, you get a big break like this and hopefully it takes you somewhere. I can’t wait to see who my partner is and what happens as the weeks go by.” by Korbi Ghosh, Zap2it




From Fox Dance Profile:

Kevin “K’bez” Hunte was born in beautiful Brooklyn, NY. K’bez is a hip hop, dance ’til you drop, kinda guy. I’ve performed with artists such as Lil Mama, and I’ve had the privilege to work with Beyonce. Inspired by Michael Jackson, I hope someday I can touch people around the world and have an impact on their life through dance, the way MJ had an impact on me. 🙂

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